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If life was a race, we would wish for it to be fair to all; that each athlete could perform to the best of his/ her ability and not be limited or hindered by the environment. Children and youth from poor families often lack adequate opportunities for development, fall short of resources for learning and with low self-esteem. The wealth gap in Hong Kong is an indisputable issue. The growth and development of children are limited by poverty that made them left behind.

Serving children and youth in disadvantaged positions has been our core service provision. Treasure Trove is a special project to react the social needs. To enhance all-round “body, mind, soul and social” development of disadvantaged group children by providing them with “material” or “non-material” support.

Disadvantaged group children aged 3-15 from low income families, with special education needs or ethnic minorities


Children could submit their application of material to us. Assessment will be done by social workers according to practical needs. Then, the Associations will raise money, material, learning opportunities from corporate and the community for appropriate targets. Social workers will arrange periodical assessment for children and provide them with support and councelling service.

Support Items

  •  Material support – material support for children development e.g. food, learning tools and daily necessities;
  •  Non-material support – learning opportunities for children development and broaden their horizons e.g. learning courses, arts and sports activities

Your Support

One-off or continuous donations are welcome. Your donations will be used for operations and purchase of “material” and “learning opportunities”. Donations of material and provision of free learning opportunities are also required. The material and learning opportunities will be arranged for appropriate children or families after matching.

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Miss Kwan Hiu Ching, Karis - Corporate Communications Assistant
Mr Cheng Chung Sang, Corporate Communications Assistant
Miss Tang Oi Ying, Zoe - Assistant Officer-Corporate Communications
Tel: 25279121 (ext.288)

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