The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong

This website is built in accordance with the accessibility design principle of the National Communication and Communication Commission's "Website Accessibility Specification (110.07)". It passes the A and AA test levels, and provides accessible environment design such as keyboard access key, site navigator, so that users can browse the web content

1、 Description of keyboard fast keys and web guide bricks

● Tab: stay behind the tag, and use the Enter key to jump to the content to browse the data. When encountering the radio button, please use the direction key← (Left)→ (Right) or↑ (Up)↓ (Down) to select an item

● Tab+Shift: Press Tab+Shift to jump back to the previous data

● Alt+U, Alt+Shift+U (Firefox): The upper menu link area, this block lists the function menu links.

● Alt+C, Alt+Shift+C (Firefox): The main content display area in the middle, this block presents the information content of each web page.

● Alt+B, Alt+Shift+B (Firefox): The menu link area at the end of the page, this block lists the function menu link and contact address.

2、 Thirteen Guidelines for Website Accessibility Specification (110.07)

● Guidance 1.1 (Alternative Text): Provide equivalent alternative text for any non text content, so that these content can be transformed into different types such as large font, braille, voice, symbol or simplified language according to people's needs

● Guidance 1.2 (Timing Media): Provide alternative content for timing media

● Guidance 1.3 (adaptable): Create content that can be presented in different ways (such as simplified layout) without losing information or structure

● Guidance 1.4 (Identifiable): make it easier for users to see and hear the content, distinguish the foreground and background

● Guidance 2.1 (keyboard is operable): all functions can be used through the keyboard

● Guidance 2.2 (sufficient time): Provide users with sufficient time to read and use the content

● Guidance 2.3 (Prevention of convulsions and physical discomfort): Do not design the content in any way that is known to cause convulsions

● Guidance 2.4 (navigable): provide methods to assist users in navigating, searching for content and judging

● Guidance 2.5 (input mode): provide other input modes besides keyboard to make it easier for users to operate

● Guidance 3.1 (readability): Make the text readable and understandable

● Guidance 3.2 (Predictability): Make web pages present and operate in a predictable way

● Guidance 3.3 (input assistance): help users avoid and correct errors

● Guideline 4.1 (Compatibility): maximize the compatibility of current and future user agents and auxiliary technologies

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