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The year 2020 - 21 continued to be a challenging year. The prevalence of COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid transformation of society has posed unprecedented physical, mental and financial challenges to the underprivileged children and families in Hong Kong. 

Having served the children, youth and families in Hong Kong for 85 years, BGCA has capitalised on our strength and experience to address their ever-rising needs with innovative service by reviewing and reaffirming our development strategies for the coming five years. BGCA remains steadfast in delivering exceptional and timely service through sound governance, passionate staff participation, improved infrastructure and systems, and efficient management at these difficult times.

Our Service

Strategic Service for the Needy

It is BGCA’s mission to nurture the new generation and prepare them for a brighter future. In 2020 - 21, we continued to offer professional service to different groups of children and youth, regardless of their ethnicity, strengths or weaknesses and socioeconomic status, which ensured that no one was deprived of the opportunities to receive quality service.

Focusing on Holistic Development

As one of the strategic foci in our five-year plan, BGCA identified that a balanced, healthy and holistic development of children and youth was particularly important, whether in their physical and mental strengths, or their other capabilities.

For younger children, BGCA fosters the Nurturing Care Framework for early childhood intervention. We delivered school syllabuses, programmes and family support for the long-term benefits of the children. Developmental, preventive and supportive programmes were also provided to school children, adolescents, school leavers and young adults. We offered support for those with special educational needs, in order to narrow down disparity among differences. We built habits in physical exercises and provided more resources to facilitate their studies as a part of our efforts in developing a community with acceptance, diversity, support and integration. We also supported school youth and young adults in acquiring social innovation and future skills, planning of their life, as well as better integration into the society.

Uplifting Mental Health

In response to the changes in the social, political and economic environment, mental health was another direction on which our services focused. BGCA actively facilitated workers and service users to build up mental wellbeing through an evidence-based approach and to help those who were affected in exploring their own potential and thus assisting their own recovery. We promoted localised trauma-informed care and practice among service units in a normalised manner, and prepare better bridging or collaboration with other mental health services. To further enhance our services in this area, cross-unit and multi-disciplinary collaborations were carried out to further diversify and enrich our projects and programmes. 

In particular, with support from the Jockey Club Charities Trust, a youth-friendly mental wellness service hub and service model, “LevelMind@JC”, was launched in Lai Chi Kok this year. By acquiring one or more various supportive services provided, which include psychological education, mindfulness training, cognitive behavioural programmes, narrative programmes, positive peer support and other professional interventions, service users could pick up positive and effective methods to improve their mental health.

Special Measures in these Difficult Times

To tackle the impacts caused by COVID-19, especially for the needy and the vulnerable ones, BGCA has introduced different measures during the year. We enhanced the use of online platforms to provide more accessible training for children, youth and their families. We contacted service users online to assess their needs and deliver timely support. We also offered tangible material and financial assistance, including data sim-card for the internet, computer equipment for the underprivileged, “blessing bags” and fee concession for our services. During this year, we distributed more than 100,000 masks, 18,000 sanitisers, 5,000 book coupons and more than 11,000 care packs with rice and food coupons for families in economic difficulties.

Thanks to Generous Supports, We Have Gone Farther and Deeper

During this year of different challenges, BGCA has still expanded with support from the government, donors or service partners. Our scope and contents of service have considerably increased.

With support from the Lotteries Fund, “Sunshine Campus” - Kindergarten Stationing Social Work Service (i.e., Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions), expanded to a total of 2.75 teams, covering 44 kindergartens over the territories. Some mainstream services for the children expanded with a Lump Sum Grant support from the Social Welfare Department. “SAIL” Early Child Development Centre (Tung Chung) (the first Special Child Care Centre cum Early Education & Training Centre of the Association) started services in January 2020. “SMILE” On-site Pre-school Integrated Services expanded service places to over 500, covering 49 kindergartens.

New Services Under Government Subsidies
  • “Sunshine Campus” - Nursery and kindergarten-based social worker service project (Funded by Lotteries Fund): The project has been launched since 2019. Up to the year 2020/21, there were totally 2.75 teams covering 44 kindergartens.

  • “Parent Child LINK”: Working Parents Support Centre (Lump Sum Grant) was founded in 2019/20 (New Territories East) and the premises at Fo Tan started operating in 2020/21.

  • “SMILE” On-site Pre-school Integrated Services (Lump Sum Grant): By incremental extension of service up to 2020/21, there were 5 teams, covering 49 kindergartens in total.

  • “SAIL” Special Child Care Centre cum Early Education and Training Centre (Lump Sum Grant): Started in 2019/20, with full service provided on its premises at Tung Chung from 2020/21.

New Initiatives Under External Funding,  The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust
  • “Jockey Club Arts Make SENse Programme” and “Jockey Club SENCO@Community”: To support students with special educational needs and their families.

  • LevelMind@JC: To promote the mental health of youth in the community through interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • Jockey Club BGCA Digital Transformation Project: To support BGCA in updating the frontline website and customer service system, so as to enhance service effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Jockey Club Project IDEAL: To promote a paradigm shift in parent education, and to adopt a Transformative Learning model for parents.

  • HKJC Parent Wellness Centre: To establish a parents-oriented one-off platform to enhance the health of parents comprehensively.

  • CLAP@JC: To maintain youth career and development into mainstream service units.

  • Jockey Club Online Youth Emotional Support “OPEN UP”: To enhance the online text-based chatting service for crisis and emotional support for young people.

Other External Funds
  • “The D.H. Chen Foundation: To support Youth ImpACT Award 2.0 to develop young people in empathetic design and social innovation.

  • Lee Hysan Foundation and Wu Jieh Yee Charitable Foundation: To support positive parenting programmes.

  • Lee Hysan Foundation: To support the “Project Respect 2.0” to offer positive psychology and affective education for primary school students.

A Proud Achievement - Beyond the Boundary

While substantial endeavours have been made in providing excellent services to our users in Hong Kong, we also extended our experiences beyond geographical boundaries. Since 2008, the “Guangzhou Growth Dynamics” Project (GZGD) that BGCA set up has successfully served as incubators to share our knowledge and experience from Hong Kong with the service providers and partners in Mainland China. No matter whether in the areas of residential child care services, community-based children and youth services, career development for the youths discharged from orphanages, social work service in primary schools, or specialised services for children having special educational needs and support to parents and families, we have helped them set up service protocols, quality standards and assessment mechanisms to continuously monitor and improve their services, which have been adopted nationwide. To ensure the sustainability of the project, we also collaborated with universities in Mainland China to provide training and development for the project staff as well as the professionals in the sector. Many of the GZGD staff have eventually become trainers, who could carry on the spirit of the project independently. With confidence, BGCA finally handed over our work in Mainland China to the staff there in January 2021, followed by the dissolution of the Mainland Service Committee in March 2021. BGCA has fulfilled this historical role, which would not have been possible without the leadership and contributions from our committee members and management staff who had all along dedicated themselves to supporting the development of the services.

Evidence-based Researches: Know Our Service Users

In order to provide more tailor-made services which fit those in need, BGCA has been conducting different evidence-based researches, to understand more about our community. Especially under the impact of COVID-19, we conducted “The survey on the situation of children and parents under school suspension due to the coronavirus” to understand more about our service users. Advocacy and opinion papers were also submitted to the government to provide views for necessary policy changes for long-term impact and filling of service gaps.

We Are Well Accepted and Recognised: Awards Received

We were happy to receive several awards last year, which was an indication of the public acceptance and recognition of our work and endeavours:

  • “The Outstanding NGO Platinum Award of ESG Achievement Awards 2020

  • Gold Award for Volunteer Service (Organisation) by Volunteer Movement of Social Welfare Department

  • Award of 10,000 Hours for Volunteer Service in 2020 by Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service of Social Welfare Department

  • “Mediate First” Pledge Star Logo Award Certificate by the Department of Justice

  • “ARC Awards 2021 - Gold Award (N.G.O. Charitable Organisation: Cover Photo/ Design)

Numbers and figures at a glance Services


Despite the uncertainties ahead, BGCA has successfully translated them into motivation and momentum to go further. In 2020 - 21, we have expanded our service points to 174.5, providing 11,365 programmes/initiatives, 78,124 programme sessions and have served 129,161 participants, including children, youth, and parents. The number of programme attendees has reached 537,533. To engage more people from the community, we have successfully recruited 3,136 volunteers, who have contributed to 14,466 service hours by working with around 600 service partners. Despite an inevitable drop in the number of service users, attendance and volunteers due to the pandemic, we had an increase in the number of members by 20.5%, up to 88,239, which was an indication of users recognising our services despite the physical constraints.

Funding and Donations

Our total income and expenditure amounted to $619,434,698 and $598,665,501 in 2020-21, dropping by 3% and rising by 7% respectively, as compared to the previous year. 72% of the annual income was contributed by government subvention. Donations received from corporates and charitable trusts and foundations accounted for 12% of the overall income. Other sources of income included public donations, income from fundraising events and income from the Headquarters Building. We were thankful for funding from the HKSAR Government and all generous and inspiring donors who trusted and supported BGCA (Please refer to P.18-21 of the Annual Report for the financial highlights, and P.100-111 of the Annual Report for the list of our donors and supporters).

Professional Teams

Registered Social Workers, Pre-school Principals and Teachers, Educational/ Clinical Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational/ Speech Therapists, Registered Nurses

Management and Supporting Teams

Programme/ Service Assistants, Project Managers/ Officers, Workmen, Parents of Small Group Homes, Administrative Assistants, Technical Support Staff

Our Service

Our Service

Key Work Themes of 60 Special Projects

Key Work Themes of 60 Special Projects

Staff Composition

Staff Composition

Our People and Workplace

Good Staff Equates Good Services

BGCA always regarded our staff as one of our most valuable assets, who always upheld the highest level of professionalism and provided services at a high standard. As at 31st March 2021, there were approximately 1,141 BGCA staff with diverse background, an increase of 1.01% as compared to the previous year. 

In face of the intense labour market competition, we have implemented various measures with the aim of maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage to retain valuable staff, and on the other hand, continued to groom our staff for better services through different kinds of on-the-job training and mentorship. A training-need-gap analysis was launched to facilitate the arrangement of future staff development more accurately.

Measures in response to the pandemic outbreak have been introduced. To better protect our staff, masks and sanitisers were distributed. Staff were also given more flexibility with the work-from-home arrangement and flexible working hours. Special allowance was offered to staff whose workload and psychological burden increased due to the pandemic. We were confident to say that BGCA always put our staff’s safety and health as one of our top priorities.

Better and Greener Work Space

Apart from the people, we also enhanced our infrastructure and workplace to support our services. Two On-site Preschool Rehabilitation Services (OPRS) Team Offices were opened in Cheung Sha Wan to provide service and office space for our expanded operation. As for our BGCA Headquarters, the renovation work would be completed in September 2021, providing better and more children-friendly facilities in our innovative services and strengthening security in our corporate functions. The new Headquarters would continue to sign up for the Energy Saving Charter and apply for the BEAM Plus Interior certification afterwards, as a fulfillment to the environmental protection policy and as a reflection of our care for staff and clients.

Corporate Governance

From Compliance to Improvement

BGCA attaches great importance to corporate governance as good governance promotes the provision of quality, fit-for-purpose and efficient services. In 2020 - 21, BGCA continued to maintain full compliance with various statutory rules and regulations including but not limited to the Companies Ordinance, the Education Ordinance, the Lump Sum Grant (LSG) Manual, the LSG Best Practice Manual Level One Guidelines and the Service Quality Standards. A Task Force on Governance Structure Review was set up to review and continuously improve the corporate governance measures of BGCA.

Our Board and Committee Members

Being the core governance body of BGCA, our board and committee members continued to show their warmest support to us by exercising their expertise, experience and substantial network to facilitate the growth of BGCA. We would also like to express our warmest gratitude to Dr Roy CHUNG for being our President for the past three years, and to have Prof. MOK Bong-ho become BGCA’s new President from this year. Under their leadership and support, BGCA continued to grow and blossom in different aspects, and be able to continue to chart our own course. As part of our future succession planning, we were thankful to have new and passionate committee members joining our big family from time to time, to carry on our values and Vision and Mission. We would also wish to express our heartfelt thanks to Ms Maria TAM Wai-chu and Mr William WAN Hon-cheung, who have served BGCA as Honorary Advisers and have given invaluable advice to us in the past years, as well as Mr David YAU Po-wing, Mr Paul YEUNG Wai-keung, Mr Daniel CHAN Hing-yiu, Ms Anna May CHAN Mei-lan, Mr Laurence HO Hoi-ming and Ms Grace YU Ho-wun, who had given their kindest support to BGCA and left the Executive Committee last year.  (Please refer to P.22-29 of the Annual Report for the corporate governance structure, the organisational chart and committee membership list).

Our Ways Forward

Looking back to 2020 - 21, we were proud to be able to keep calm and do even more in face of the pandemic. COVID-19, to us, was a double-edged sword. It gave us challenges, but also opportunities to learn and improve. We would continue to collaborate with different parties to accomplish our mission through quality and innovative services and corporate development in the years to come.

A Lesson Learnt from the Pandemic: Use of Modern Technology

Amid the pandemic, we have been relying more on modern technology and enhanced systems to facilitate our services and corporate functions. For this, BGCA revamped and enhanced our data management systems including finance, human resources and service delivery. AI technology was also adopted in our frontline operation. All these adoptions commonly aim at one goal, which is to improve the efficiency and operation of our services in the future, regardless of the circumstances we are facing.

Moving Forward to Our 85th Anniversary

In 2021, BGCA celebrates its 85th anniversary. In the coming year, while services on holistic development and mental wellness would continue to be our major foci, we would continue to keep close eye on external and internal dynamics, sticking to our core value and Vision and Mission and to explore other innovative developments in our services and corporate functions to help our users overcome the unpredictable hurdles ahead.

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