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In 2017/18, BGCA put emphasis on the identified service direction of early childhood intervention and families and parental support when serving children, youth and their families in Hong Kong. We continued refined relevant management structure and processes to support the growth and development of our service. We equipped our staff with the knowledge, skills and mindset to drive changes and make impact on our society, not alone, but with the extended arms of partners and volunteers.

There were several leadership changes in 2017/18. On the governance level, our former Chairman, Dr Roy CHUNG, GBS, BBS, JP was elected to succeed the former President, the Hon. Mr Justice Patrick CHAN Siu-oi, GBM, who, after serving the Association for six consecutive years, retired in accordance with the Articles of the Association at the annual general meeting held in September 2017. We were honoured to have the Hon. Mr Justice CHAN continued his support to the Association in accepting the appointment as the Hon. President. On the management side, we were thankful to Ms Lilian LAW, JP* who retired on 24th November 2017 after serving BGCA for 20 years and taking the helm of the Association as the Executive Director for 9 years. We were also pleased to have Dr WONG Kwai-yau, MH, stepping up as the Acting Executive Director during the interim period until the new Executive Director Mr Charles CHAN Kin-hung came on board on 24th May 2018.

With clear direction and alignment on our service, we have experienced smooth transition during the year. We are confident to roll out a number of exciting initiatives and service development under the leadership of the new Executive Director in the coming years.


Early childhood intervention and parental support

BGCA engages a wide spectrum of audiences and provides multifarious kinds of service. Having identified early childhood intervention and family and parental support as the pivotal and evidence-based strategies in achieving our mission, we capitalise on our wide community bases and network across 17 districts in Hong Kong, for actualising the desired outcomes in a few years’ time.

Among them, the Steering Committee on Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), set up in 2017 and chaired by Dr Patrick IP, a paediatric specialist, has kicked off the work to lead the formulation of BGCA’s flagship ECI programme. BGCA being a collaborating partner for the early childhood intervention project “Keystep@JC” of the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) was granted $28.55 million to support the intervention at schools and set up a community hub in Tin Shui Wai as networking and engagement platform to empower family functioning; our staff team have visited Australia to learn about the early childhood community hub concept.

Sound management structure and operational procedure

Strategies would be in vain if they were not translated into actions. To support our early childhood service development, Ms LAM Yee- mui, former Assistant Director (Services Operation) was appointed to a new management role as Senior Service Consultant effective from 1st September 2017 to lead this effort. To support the service expansion, Dr WONG Kwai-yau, MH was promoted to take up the newly established role of Deputy Executive Director with effect from 24th May 2018.

During the year, we have further enhanced the service planning, project review and budgeting processes, which have facilitated the alignment between and among the Board and the management that were conducive to an effective service development and delivery at the forefront. Senior and middle management have also adopted a more systematic planning and implementation approach that enabled a better progress management towards achieving the strategic objectives and goals for service advancement.

Impact at root – advocacy and research work

As one of the leading NGOs in providing children and youth services, BGCA has amplified its impact through strong advocacy and research work. Keeping abreast of the external environment has enabled us to proactively prepare and act to address the emerging needs and societal trends. During the year, we have voiced our opinion to critical social issues, including to the policies initiated by the new HKSAR Government after 1st July 2017, such as submitting our opinions to the Preparatory Committee for the Establishment of a Commission on Children and to the Legislative Council on children’s rights, as well as advocating our stance for “zero-tolerance” towards child abuse and the significance of child protection. We have extended our annual survey on child happiness to include children’s exercise habit in this year’s survey1 as a core index to reflect the well-being of our future generations. Moreover, we have conducted a comprehensive evidence-based research and analysis2 that illustrated Creative Arts Therapy as an effective intervention for children with special educational needs, through enhancing their self-expressions, emotional control, and therefore facilitating their interpersonal skill and self-efficacy. We have also advocated for the improvement of social work service in nurseries/ kindergartens and primary schools.

Our Core Service

In 2017/18, BGCA has served over 272,264 children, youth and their families through 70,753 initiatives and 151,103 programme sessions, with the contributions from over 23,369 volunteers.

Total membership experiences

In addition to the regular service delivered through our 20 Integrated Children and Youth Services Centres (ICYSCs) and 3 Children Centres, we have made conscious efforts to enhance the total membership experiences of children and youths who participated in different BGCA programmes, through various means and measures to ensure their engagement and relationships with BGCA would be intact, and that the service impact go deep and beyond the physical location and single activity. Diverse programmes such as “BGCA CARE Basketball League” and “Band Union” have been organised during the year for our members. We also groomed our young members by engaging them as volunteers in agency fund raising events such as "Books for Love" and "Team Challenge 36". The ultimate objectives of all our programmes and events were to strengthen their all-rounded development in five domains:moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic.

Stepping up in youth mental health service

While we have always provided service to promote the mental well- being of children and youths, BGCA has put special effort in this aspect to promptly respond to the surge in youth suicides during the year. In particular, we have reached beyond our school social work serving schools to collaborate with 46 schools on the Joyful@School projects and have launched a ride-on campaign #Goodtohaveyou as preventive education and promotion of interpersonal connection among students, as well as rendering support to the schools, students and their families and peers who were deeply saddened by the incidents.

Large-scale initiatives to fill service gap

Among the plentiful on-going special projects to address diverse needs of our service users, we were pleased to have received funding for several significant new agency-wide and territory-wide projects in support of our service priorities and missions that timely respond to the needs of our children and their families. These included the aforementioned five-year early childhood intervention initiative partnered with the HKJC, pre-school rehabilitation service, trauma treatment service for children, online youth emotional support service, financial planning programme for youth etc.


BGCA takes pride in our passion and commitment for service excellence. We are pleased and humbled to have received recognition for our accomplishment in HKU International Outstanding e-Learning Awards (Mobile Outdoor Learning) - Merit, 2016-17, and HKU International Outstanding e-Learning Awards (General e-Learning application) - Merit, 2017-18. We are also honoured to receive various awards for our mainland service in recognition of our professional social work service3 and outstanding programme for dispersed orphans4. BGCA will continue the effort in the process of advancing our mission.

* 5 Units: “SMILE” On-site Pre-school Integrated Services, Guangzhou Growth Dynamics Social Work Professional Development & Resources Centre, Community Creativity Learning Centre, Counselling Centre and HSBC TSW Children Learning & Support Centre
# Since the work theme “Strengthen the Functioning of Families” of 2016/17 had already penetrated into other work foci in 2017/18, it will not be showed in the diagram.

Our Funding

Total income and expenditure in the fiscal year of 2017/18 amounted to $521 million and $475 million respectively. Government subvention contributed 62%5 of the annual income which supported our recurrent social service, Bradbury Camp, special projects and programmes, as well as capital renovation. Our four nursery schools offering whole-day service have participated in the new Free Quality Kindergarten Education Policy introduced by the Education Bureau and would be provided with a basic subsidy for the provision of three-year quality half-day service for all eligible children starting in the 2017/18 academic year. Corporate sponsorships, funding supports from charitable trusts, public donations, self-fundraising, membership fees and charges, and income from the Headquarters Building and interests earned have contributed to the rest of BGCA’s income.

We wish to thank the HKSAR Government, all the kind-hearted donors and corporates for the financial support. In particular, we would like to express our heartiest thanks and appreciation to the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, the Lee Hysan Foundation and The D.H. Chen Foundation for their continuous support and trust on our service.

Our People

Staff are the greatest assets of the Association. BGCA’s service was built on an approximately 981 robust and well-trained staff of diverse professions as at 31st March 2018. Among them, 41.7% were registered social workers who formed the teams of core front-line service providers. We also had clinical and educational psychologists, registered nurses, specialist on music, art, play, physio-, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as welfare workers, project staff and programme assistants who interacted first hand with our service users. As the backbone of the Association, there were committed management staff who provided timely and professional support in respect of leadership, financial, human resources, administration, information technology, internal audits, corporate communications, etc. ... We also had 47 teaching staff to run the 4 kindergartens, and a team of properly trained and hospitable coaching staff to operate our Bradbury Camp.

Succession planning, staff development and engagement are cornerstones for extraordinary service and continuous advancement of BGCA. We continue to provide learning opportunities for colleagues to stay current with latest service trends and international best practices, through in- house and outsourced training, as well as local and overseas workshops, conferences and visiting tours in particular to areas related to our strategic direction. We value staff’s opinions and we invite staff’s views through conducting internal surveys and consultation sessions. We also look for ways to enhance staff’s welfare. Last year, we have increased the medical subsidy, adjusted the workman’s salary structure and introduced new welfare activities. Transparency and continuous communication are pivotal to building a healthy and trusting relationship among the Board, the management and frontline staff, which contribute to how BGCA lives up its missions. Various communication channels with the Board and the management were in place to collect and hear the views of staff.

Changes in Management Staff

We were pleased to announce the promotion of Ms Dilys LAI to be the Assistant Director (Service Operation) with effect from 1st February 2018, replacing Ms LAM Yee-mui who has taken up the Senior Service Consultant role mentioned earlier to support the early childhood strategic development.

Corporate Governance

The Board of BGCA firmly believes and upholds good corporate governance to ensure that BGCA is carrying out its mission legally, ethically, effectively and in a sustainable way, that would demonstrate our accountability to funders and gain trust and respect of the community and multi-stakeholders in the course of providing professional and valued service to achieve our mission.

Regulatory Compliance

During the year, BGCA has complied with various legal requirements and statutory regulations including the new Companies Ordinance requirement on “significant controller registers” effective from 1st March 2018, the Lump Sum Grant (LSG) Manual (including the disclosure of top three tier’s remuneration) and LSG Best Practice Manual Level One Guidelines by the SWD. In 2017/18, BGCA has passed all Service Quality Standard (SQS) audits by the SWD.

The Board of Directors and Board Committees

The Board (Executive Committee of BGCA) has 18 members, elected by BGCA Members at annual general meeting, who meet bi-monthly to attend to matters affecting the Association’s strategic policies, stewardship frameworks including financial control, corporate governance, risk management etc. The Nomination Committee has reviewed the size and composition of the Board in 2017 and considered that the current Board size and composition was suitable in light of the Association’s strategy and development. Delegated by the Board were the Committees serving various functions and working within the ambit of its terms of reference that was annually reviewed.

In 2017/18, our 86 dedicated Board, Committee members and advisors with diverse expertise and experiences had volunteered over 950 hours to attend meetings and support various agency events and programmes. Among the members, we welcomed Mr Daniel CHAN and Dr Frances LAW to join our Executive Committee since October 2017; Mr Benson CHENG joining the Finance and Investment Committee, Ms Lilian LAW, JP* joining the Camp Committee and the Mainland Services Committee, and Ir Gabriel YU joining the Estate Management and Development Committee (refer to P.24-30 for the corporate governance structure, the organisation chart and committee membership list).

To keep our Board and Committee members up to date with BGCA’s service and operations, as well as the sector development and corporate governance standard, three rounds of visits to service units were organised during the year, where members got the opportunities to communicate with our frontline staff and service users in person. Management presentations were also made at Management Committee meetings to introduce latest initiatives and development of service.

We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Dr LAW Chi-kwong, GBS, JP who has served as BGCA Committee member for 29 years and resigned from the Board with effect from June 2017 upon appointment by the HKSAR Government as the Secretary for Labour and Welfare. We are pleased to have Dr LAW Hing-chung to succeed Dr C.K. LAW as the Chairman of the Research and Advocacy Committee. 

Board Retreat

Regular review and plan for the Association’s strategic direction are vital to its service renewal and development. The Board has scheduled its Retreat for 2018 to come up with the next service and corporate development strategy for the Association, through an interactive exchange and sharing of wisdom from our professional members and participation of the management.

Environmental Policies

BGCA Headquarters has signed up for the 2nd consecutive year to the Energy Saving Charter to continue our efforts in energy conservation. In addition, BGCA and our Bradbury Camp have participated in the Hong Kong Green Building Council Jockey Club Green and Smart Community Buildings Project funded by the HKJC to pursue a green building performance of our premises when conducting renovations of the BGCA Headquarters Building and the campsite in coming years. Various green measures were also adopted by our service centres to raise the environmental awareness of staff and members, such as sourcing green suppliers, recycling, energy and water conservation etc. Since August 2017, we have adopted electronic means for membership and interest class registration in our service centres to reduce the use of papers.

Major Risks and Uncertainties

BGCA believes in proactive risk management. Sets of due diligence standard and processes at different areas including service, administration and financial are in place so that risk could be early identified, managed, mitigated, reported and tracked systematically. Systematic documentation of incidents, actions taken, analysis and lessons learnt were in place for future reference and prevention.

Cybersecurity has become a dominant issue for attention. In this connection, the Information Technology Committee comprising IT experts were set up in 2017 to guide and give advice on the IT governance, security and development of BGCA.


As the leader operating the most number of ICYSCs (14%, 20 out of 139) and second most number of Children Centres (14%, 3 out of 22) in Hong Kong, the drop in youth population in recent decade (Ages 10-24: 19.3% to 13.9% of total population from 2006 to 20176), as well as the change in their lifestyle and priorities pose challenges to the utilisation rate of our centre service. It would be imperative for BGCA to stay connected with our core target service recipients and be innovative in our service to keep our youth engaged. Similarly the way of providing outreaching service require regular reflections and modifications to adapt to the constantly changing behavioral pattern of youths and family interaction for efficacious intervention.

We have been well aware that there might be higher level of risk when we attempt to provide innovative and contemporary service and programmes that were appealing to our children and youths. To balance the quality of the programmes and risk exposure, we have invited insurance companies for sharing sessions and provided training for our frontline staff to ensure proper procedures and measures were in place to minimise the probability and impact of risk realisation. We have also reviewed and ensured that relevant and sufficient insurance were in place to cope with contingency.


The Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme took effect from the 2017/18 school year, in replacement of the Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme. Together with the Government’s additional budget allocation for the development of social work service in aided child care centres, kindergartens and primary schools, as well as the regularisation of the on- site pre-school rehabilitation service in coming year, there would be intense competition in the labour market for competent pre-school teachers, experienced school social workers and para-medical professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. There are compelling needs for BGCA to retain the talents, as well as to groom our own successors to remain competitive in providing sustainable and quality service.

In addition to frontline service professional, robust central administration and management play a core complementary role. To retain these talents at the backend who are more subjected to the competition beyond the sector, BGCA continuously seeks alternative ways to simplify work processes and enhance job satisfaction.


As elaborated above, the anticipated keen competition in the labour market would imply extra financial stress to the Association. In advancing our mission and placing our children as the top priority, BGCA leverages the infrastructure, talents and central administration support across service in the spirit of pursuing superior programme standard and quality instead of going for mediocre service. The arrangement might result in BGCA topping some of the funded programmes with its own resources and deploying senior staff. Both the Board and the management are mindful of the financial implication and have been conscious in the process of budgeting, manpower and resource deployment, as well as in seeking practical mutual agreement with the funders. We are delighted to see some progress in the on-going discussion and reflection with the Social Welfare Department on an increase and more reasonable subsidy of administrative expenses to various subvented service and programmes.

Opportunities and Challenges

Prospects of service development

As much as BGCA wishes to foster a happy and healthy young generation, the rising trend of youth suicides in the past year was disheartening. The need for attention and sensitivity for the emotional and mental health status of young children and youth become paramount. While we welcome the Government’s additional resource allocation to support the kindergarten and primary school social work service, the implementation mechanisms and impact were yet to become clear. The fact that these cases often require intervention through multi-systems including individual, family, school, healthcare and community, add to the complexity and challenges for prompt and effective coping. In this connection, in conjunction with the endeavours to strengthen the mental health of children and youth through centre’s service and programmes, BGCA would proactively monitor the youth’s mental health issues and develop a holistic service development and manpower deployment plan that most efficiently mobilise our resources, expertise and networks, and work as a close partner with schools to provide preventive measures and promptly support the handling of emergencies.

There was no single solution to nurturing our future generation and to tackling the ever-emerging issues faceing our young children. With over 80 years of experiences, the work of BGCA has historically been driven and embraced by teams of passionate professionals and multi-sectoral collaborations. Partnership with the Government and collaboration with corporates and institutions across disciplines have been a key success factor for furthering our mission. We are encouraged to see several major initiatives announced by the Government in its 2017 Policy Address and the 2018-19 Budget, that are in line with our strategic direction of early childhood intervention, such as setting up of a Commission on Children, the regularisation of On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services (OPRS), additional resources for the school social work service etc. We would make use of the knowledge and network that we have built through the 80th Anniversary Scientific Conference in 2016, and the cumulated experiences from various pilot and existing service in relevant areas, (including kindergarten, OPRS, Family Life Education, ICYSCs, “SMILE” Tai Po early Education & Training Centre, Tin Shui Wai Children Leaning & Support Centre), and the external cross-disciplinary support and collaboration in formulating our children-focused and parent-centred early childhood intervention flagship programme.


We are expecting some busy years ahead for BGCA in two of our major premises that would undergo major renovations and re-developments: the BGCA Headquarters Building and the Bradbury Camp. The move of the Headquarters Building of BGCA to its current site at Wanchai dated back to the year 1994. After 24 years of service, an overhaul of the building is under careful planning with the objective for a working environment that would be safe, contemporary, and environmentally friendly, as well as for the efficient use for service delivery and development. Systematic planning to minimise the interruption to service in the Headquarters Building and our staff during the time of renovation are underway with the guidance and monitoring of the Estate Management and Development Committee.

Under the stewardship of the Camp Committee, after review and consideration of the existing service conditions and future development, we decided to revamp our campsite situated in Wong Yi Chau, Sai Kung that has been in service for 33 years, for a more vibrant, user-friendly, environmentally-friendly and unique experiences for our service users, taking advantage of its nature-rich characteristics inherent in its physical location. 

Transparency and engagement for success

With the many exciting initiatives and refurbishments ahead, alignment and joint effort of the Board, management and frontline are one of the determining factors for success. The Board and management would ensure that the transition and organisational change would be managed and led systematically and conscientiously.
1. Children Happiness and Sports Survery 2018
2. Kaleidoscope of Life - Creative Arts Approach for ASD and ADHD
3. Two of our staff were awarded the 「廣東省優秀社工獎」and「廣東省社工之星獎」
4. 散居孤兒項目 was awarded the 「全國最具潛力項目獎」
5.. Slight adjustment have been made to the service income classification this year. The percentage listed refers to the government subvention income to the total income of the Association.
6. Reference: Census and Statistics Department of HKSAR
* Received the Medal of Honour (MH) on 1st July 2018

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