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Through learning from the past and linking to the present, we create a vision for tomorrow.

Established since 1936, BGCA has always provided the best quality services for the development of the younger generations. As one of the leading and most respected NGOs in serving children, youth and families in Hong Kong for over 80 years, we achieve this through our continuous reflection and enhancement of learning from the past; dedicated and united effort from all staff and volunteers at all times; and looking beyond to prepare ourselves for more exciting journeys ahead.


With well-defined goals, we guide our work and aspire ourselves consciously to be the servant-leader in children and youth services. BGCA strives to deliver innovative services with evidence-based research and knowledge to serve our children and youth to attain well-balanced moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development, and to lead in building a better society with contributing citizens and healthy happy young generation.We actively collaborate with expert professionals from different fields, and leverage the resources gathered from diverse sectors to heighten understanding of the grown-ups on the situations and challenges faced by children and youth, with the ultimate aim of building an ecological system that facilitates children’s optimal development. In organising multifarious events to celebrate our 80th anniversary in 2016, we acted upon the same philosophy and successfully engaged different stakeholders to live up to our mission. Through the sharing and discussions led by topnotch scholars and experts, including Nobel Prize laureate Prof. James Heckman, in the Scientific Conference and Dinner Symposium held in

October 2016, not only have we gained insights and geared ourselves up to better serve the next generation, we have also ascertained the strategic

importance of “Early Childhood Intervention” and “Parental Support”, which will become a new service direction of our work in the coming years.

Our Core Services

In 2016/17, BGCA has served over 292,469 children, youth and their families through 33,645 initiatives and 135,779 programmes sessions, with the contributions from over 16,505 volunteers.In addressing the needs of our children, youth and their families, BGCA regularly reviews the services provided, pilots new initiatives and tests on new service models. We utilise the extensive community base that spreads over 17 districts in Hong Kong to reach out and serve children and families of all backgrounds and needs, including the underprivileged, the ethnic minority, the LBGT groups and pre-school children and students with special educational needs. Year round efforts were also put to develop and carry out large and small scale programmes and events that centred on the identified major work themes to address the diverse needs of service users.

Current Services/Programmes Offered

6 Units: “SMILE” On-site Pre-school Integrated Services, Guangzhou Growth Dynamics Social Work Professional Development & Resources Centre, Community Creativity Learning Centre, Counselling Centre, HSBC TSW Children Learning & Support Centre and Growth & Development Centre (HQ)

Key Work Themes of 36 Special Projects


The impact of our services and as employer were widely recognised by different parties. In 2016/17, BGCA received the following awards:
  1. BGCA e-Learning & Global Citizenship Education Promotion & Publication Project won the Hong Kong ICT Award 2017: Best Smart Hong Kong Award (Digital Inclusion Application) Bronze Award.
  2. “Nite Cat Online” was awarded the Hong Kong Top Ten Outstanding Community Services 2017 by Lions Clubs International District 303
  3. 2015/16 Family-Friendly Employers Award, Award for Breastfeeding Support and Special Mention Award by the Family Council, HKSAR
  4. 15 Consecutive Years Nominator for Caring Company/ Organization, by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service
  5. Gold Award for Volunteer Service (Organization), by Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Services, Social Welfare Department

Our Funding

Total income and expenditure in the fiscal year of 2016-17 amounted to $495 million and $455 million respectively. 56% of the annual income came from Government subvention which supported our recurrent social services and Bradbury Camp, as well as some pilot projects, special programmes and capital renovation. The rest was from membership fees and charges, corporate sponsorships and funding supports from charitable trusts, public donations, other fund-raising initiatives as well as income from the Headquarters Building and interests earned.

We are most grateful to the HKSAR Government for the continued financial support and to the Social Welfare Department (SWD) for its invaluable guidance. We also wish to thank particularly all the kindhearted donors, corporations and volunteers who contributed to making our services possible, not only in monetary terms, but also in inspiring us with bright ideas and in contributing valuable time and non-financial resources throughout the processes of services and projects development and implementation. Among all, our heartiest thanks and appreciation go to the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Lee Hysan Foundation, Sun Hung Kei Properties Charities Trust and The D.H. Chen Foundation for their generous and continuous support.

Our People

In delivering such wide scope of professional and custom-made services to our users, BGCA maintains a workforce of approximately 934 robust and well-trained staff of diverse professions. Among them, 39% are registered social workers who form the main front-line key providers of our daily services. Others are clinical psychologists, drama/play/physio/occupational/speech therapists, registered nurses, welfare workers, project staff and programme assistants. Back in the Headquarters we have a team of committed management and administration staff who provides leadership, financial, HR, administrative and back-end support. We also have 44 teaching staff to run the 4 kindergartens, and a team of properly trained hospitable and coaching staff to operate our Bradbury Camp.

We are proud to congratulate one of our front-line project assistant, Mr. Leung Yuk-wing, MH, for winning the boccia gold medal in the Rio 2016 Paralympics Games. BGCA will continue to support its staff not only in their career and work, but also in achieving their personal goals as far as possible.

We rely on each and every of our colleagues in delivering quality services and contributing to the continuous advancement of BGCA. Dedicated efforts were made with direction from the Board to review HR policies, enhance staffing and salary structure and provide sustainable training,

Staff Composition

development and succession plan. To continuously improve the service quality, BGCA also emphasises on learning and exposure to international best practices, and provides opportunities for colleagues to hear from and exchange views with renowned experts locally and globally, and through overseas study tours.

While the Board provides direction and oversight, the views of management and staff were equally important. Staff consultation sessions were held from time to time, and the Human Resources Department (HRD) was formally established in July 2016. With the agreed directions and enhanced HR initiatives, passionate teams of individuals will be solidified to manage and lead BGCA to provide extraordinary services to our service recipients.

As much as we care about the well-being of children and youth, our Staff Club had been, on staff welfare matters, acting as one of the core representatives to offer staff’s perspectives to management and the Board in the past. Starting from September 2016, with the wish of the Staff Club reorganising itself to become a Staff Union, staff welfare matters had been formally taken over by the HR Department, and will be supported by the newly established B-Club, a working group with participation of colleagues from various departments and service units, ensuring views and voices from staff can be timely reflected and heard.

Management Staff Changes

There had been some key changes within BGCA’s senior management team during the year.

We welcome the return of Ms. Winnie Shum to the position of the Head of Finance after her sick leave and we are grateful to Ms. Carol Chu, Manager of Accounts Department, who had contributed to the improvement of financial processes and shouldered the responsibilities as the Acting Head of Finance during that period.

Several senior staff members have retired, including Mrs. Rita Tong, former Head of Administration & Human Resources, Mr. Tsui Hon-ming and Ms. Yau Yuk-lan, former Supervisors, who have served BGCA for over 21, 38 and 23 years respectively. We are grateful for their contributions during the past decades.

We are pleased to have Ms. Edith Suen and Ms. Joyce Au joining us and taking up the role of Head of Human Resources and Head of Administration with effect from 4th July 2016 and 4th January 2017 respectively. We also congratulate Ms. Verena Hui and Mr. Sherman Chung on their promotion to join the senior management as Supervisors with effect from 1st June 2017.

Ms. Lilian Law, Executive Director, who was due to retire in 2016/17, accepted the offer by the Executive Committee to extend her service for one year, allowing the Search Committee formed by the Board to spend more time in identifying and recruiting the suitable successor and providing a better transition.

Corporate Governance

BGCA firmly believes that good governance, including high transparency, plays an important role in realising the organization’s mission. It can even help attract resources, retain talents and much more. Corporate governance also lies in the root of good organization performance and is required ethically and often legally. Therefore, BGCA continuously reviews and strengthens its various governance and management arrangements. Under the leadership of the Executive Committee, designated Committees assist the planning, supervision and monitoring of various functions and services. Our Board and Committee members continue to devote voluntarily to advance the mission of BGCA by adhering to the highest level of integrity, stewardship, transparency and accountability possible. (refer to pages 23 to 29 for the corporate governance structure, the organization chart and committee membership list).

Regulatory Compliance

BGCA has fulfilled the current legal and compliance requirements set forth by the HKSAR Government and other statutory regulations, rules, codes and guidelines, including the new Companies Ordinance, the Lump Sum Grant (LSG) Manual (including the disclosure of top three tier’s remuneration) and LSG Best Practice Manual (BPM) Level One Guidelines by the SWD. Continuous efforts have also been made as far as practicable to adopt the LSG BPM Level Two Guidelines that were recommended to NGOs but were not compulsory.

Structure and Processes

On the Board and Committee level, systematic procedures for recruiting and nominating new Committee members were introduced, and a number of new members joined our various Committees. During the year, the Information Technology Committee was set up to oversee the IT development in the organization. The Steering Committee on Early Childhood Intervention was also established to advise on the plan to realize a major newly identified strategic direction of the Association, as a continuation of the effort and accomplishment of the 80th Anniversary Celebration Organising Committee and the 80th Anniversary Scientific Conference Sub-Committee.

On the management level, the year 2016 laid another important cornerstone in BGCA’s good governance through the establishment of the Corporate Governance Department which, together with the previous year’s formalisation of the Internal Audit Department, become key players in assisting the enhancement and implementation of related measures and processes for good governance.

Over the year, the organization’s financial management, budgeting processes, service evaluation and reporting, corporate compliance and risks oversight have continued to evolve and improve through the joint efforts of management and the Board, in particular the Management Committee, the Finance and Investment Committee, and the Audit Committee.

Board and Committee Members

Four rounds of visits were organised during the year to help Board and Committee members better understand the front-line services and operation of BGCA. These visits covered 14 service units, during which members had gained much better understanding of the various services provided by BGCA through the opportunity to engage with our frontline staff and service users face-to-face.

From time to time presentations on different projects and services were made by staff at Management Committee meetings, which facilitated more in-depth discussions and exchange of views for service advancement. Regularly, Committee members also participated in relevant training, seminars and workshops organised by the SWD and the Hong Kong Council of Social Services.

In 2016/17, our 85 passionate Board and Committee members with diverse mix of skills, expertise and experiences provided a total of more than 1480 volunteering hours. Among them, we welcome Ms. Nikki Ng, Dr. C.K. Law and Dr. Patrick Ip to join our Executive Committee since September 2016; Mr. Philip Leung, Mr. Andrew Shum and Dr. Patrick Ip to take on additional leadership role to become the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Information Technology Committee (“ITC”) and the chairman of the Steering Committee on Early Childhood Intervention respectively; Mr. Lau Yau Kuen to join our Team Challenge 36 Organizing Committee; Mr. Frederick Wong and Ms. Judy Woo to join our Audit Committee; Ms. Michelle Yip to join our Camp Committee and Ms. Catherine Yip, Ms. Jennifer Lau and Mr. Stephen Law to join the ITC. We are very pleased to have Dr. Mok Bong Ho accepted the appointment to be our Honorary Chairman and Mr. Peter Wong to succeed Dr. Mok as the Chairman of the Audit Committee. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Mr. Ng Siu-on and Prof. Wong Hoi-kwok who have resigned from the Executive Committee for their services over the past 16 and 31 years respectively. We are also very sad to have lost the late Ms. Louise Mok, our Honorary Advisor, who had for the last 40 years contributed to and witnessed the significant growth and development of BGCA.

Environmental Policies

Protecting the environment is one of our important duties to future generations. BGCA has put in various green measures to raise the environmental awareness of our staff and members, including sourcing green suppliers, improving energy efficiency, and adherence to a number of eco-friendly measures such as printing, energy conservation and recycling, etc.

Furthermore, our Headquarters Building has signed up in support of the Energy Saving Charter 2017 to further step up our efforts in energy conservation.

Major Risks and Uncertainties

BGCA takes pride in having a committed Board to lead the organization not only in continuously offering quality services to the children, youths, and families of Hong Kong; but also ensuring potential risks in various areas are promptly identified and addressed, such that the Association’s resources are being optimally utilized to achieve its mission and objectives. We have conscientiously allocated considerable resources to ensure due diligence is performed, and various internal controls, policies and procedures are reviewed and enhanced continuously through the joint effort of the Internal Audit Department and the management.


According to figures from the Census and Statistics Department, the youth population was on a declining trend, with 1.22 million (17% of total population) of young people aged below 19 in 2012 to 1.17 million (15.8%) in 2016. Coupled with the decline was a plummet in children’s happiness as revealed by our survey result, in which 73.8% of children surveyed expressed feeling happy in 2008 but only 57.1% in 2016. We also notice an increasing number of children and youth seeking mental health services and more youth suicide cases. These phenomenon directly impact the utilisation of our service and alert us of the emerging need of our children and youth. Accordingly, we have established task groups over the year, to review the membership and quality of our programmes, as well as to seek effective programmes for early intervention, parental support and cultivating a more resilient young generation, aiming to tackle the overall mental health state situation among our younger generation.


Adequate manpower is fundamental to achieving sustainable and highquality services. In anticipation of a number of senior and experienced staff retiring in the coming years, a substantial amount of funding from the Social Welfare Development Fund would be allocated for staff development and training to groom and equip staff in middle management with the needed skill set and prepare our talents for future succession.

It is also anticipated that there would be an increase in competition for kindergarten teachers under the new 15-year free education policy effective in September 2017. Moreover, the development of on-site preschool rehabilitation services, in which BGCA has been taking part, has faced challenges owing to the limited supply of para-medical professionals for rehabilitation services (such as Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists) in the labour market. In view of the crucial role that these two services play in the strategic direction of BGCA, staffing and salary structures of the related services have been under regular review to ensure BGCA remains competitive to attract and retain talents to provide sustainable and quality services.


Sufficient funding is essential to ensure sustainability of services. Keen competition in the labour market for the para-medical professionals and pre-school teachers as mentioned above would also add extra financial burden to the Association. Led by special task force by the Board, we have dedicated effort to review on staffing structure and policies during the year. We also continuously improved on the service planning, review and budgeting processes which enable us for better resource deployment and management to prepare for potential financial challenges.

Opportunities and Challenges

2016 - 17 was not only a year of celebration for BGCA, we also opened up doors of opportunities and prepared ourselves to take on the exciting challenges ahead. Through the 80thAnniversary Scientific Conference our horizons are broadened and insights have been gained from world class perspectives and evidence-based research for potential application to our daily work and advancement of services.

These learning have also fueled the re-engineering of our services. In the coming years, we will formulate flagship programmes on early childhood intervention, which will be led by the Steering Committee on Early Childhood Intervention chaired by Dr. Patrick Ip, the Chairman of the 80th Anniversary Scientific Conference Sub-Committee. Efforts would be invested to serve our children in a systematic and holistic approach in each critical stage of their childhood from birth. Along the strategic direction of early childhood intervention, we have been actively equipping our service centres and pre-schools with necessary softwares and hardwares to provide quality services to children with special educational needs, and we are ready to become a close partner and contributor in fulfilling the service gap upon the Government’s regularization of the On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services in near future.

BGCA is not contented with the status quo. We move with the societal trend and keep track of emerging needs of children and families. While youth in the 6 - 24 age group remains the core segment of our service targets for the Integrated Children and Youth Service Centres (ICYSC),we have been working proactively to adjust to the needs of youth today, with an emphasis of total membership experience. Initiatives such as new membership systems, revamping of Interest Classes and After School Care Programmes to incorporate the elements of STEMCA (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Career and Art) would continue to evolve, working hand in hand with the Hong Kong Jockey Club on the youth service innovation programme and the review of ICYSC services with SWD. Despite a drop in referrals from police for the Community Service Support Scheme, we continue to enhance our service and adopt innovative approach to expand the service scope and enlarge the impact by reaching out to the peers of arrested youth, which would serve as a preventive measure and also strengthen the peer support among offenders.

As a result of keen competition in recent years, we observed a declining usage in our Bradbury Camp though the utilisation is still above average of camps with similar capacity. Apart from the necessary facilities maintenance, the Camp would also be revamped to strengthen its educational elements of nature appreciation and environmental protection and more, with a view to enlarging the character shaping of service users, in a well-balanced moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development.

Stepping into the 9th year of our mainland services, new development and future positioning would be explored. At the same time, we will continue to strengthen the professional and evidence-based service and knowhow transfer between Hong Kong and mainland through more interactions among the staff.

With the new HKSAR Chief Executive elected and the new administration formed in July 2017, BGCA will remain vigilant and agile to respond to new policies and initiatives, in particular those that would have implications on the service and future development of children, youth and families; such as Mrs. Carrie Lam’s pledge to set up a Children’s Commission and an extra HK$5 billion recurrent spending in education. We will continue to partner with the Government, the sector, the community, our funders, as well as our members and staff to accomplish and advance our mission further.

The official establishment of a Child Alliance, with the generous support from China Merchants Charitable Foundation, at the 80th Anniversary Scientific Conference demonstrated BGCA’s conviction to go beyond its daily work of service provision. We shall attempt to play a role as a convenor and advocate for the firm belief in “investing in the young for a brighter tomorrow”, by means of gathering like-minded individuals and organizations to create a cross-sectoral synergy and opportunities for collaborations and exchange in serving our younger generations.

In BGCA, we believe in teamwork, and we will abide by the philosophy in the new decade.

last updated on:7-3-2017