“SMILE” TaiPo Early Education and Training Centre


Starting from 2000, the Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Assocation of Hong Kong has provided diversified services to children with special educational needs, such as dyslexia, attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), asperger syndrome, etc., aiming at to enhance their learning abiltiy and adaptabiliy. In response to the demanding service needs of pre-school children wth special educational needs, the Association set up “SMILE” Tai Po Early Education and Training Centre in 2011. With “early intervention & timely support ” as the service belief, the Centre provides full range of professional support services to chidlren aged 2-6 and their parents as well as complements existing service gap. Therefore, parents could grasp the golden development opportunities and arrange their children to receive timely and appropriate training and guidance while they are queuing for governement services.

Service Mission & Vision

We believe that every child is unique and has different potential, regardless of their congenital conditions. Their starting points may be different, but they continue to grow up equally. Naming and defining “SMILE” as its mission, the Centre aims at inviting parents to have their joyful heart and warmest hand to lead their children in every step when they grow up. It also offers a Supportive, Memorable & Interesting Learning Environment, in which chidlren could enjoy wonderful learning moment.

Let every children “smile”.

Service Aims & Objectives

With diversified therapies and training, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, individual training and group activities, the Centre helps children aged 2-6 with special educational needs to develop their potentials, overcome barriers, build up self-confidence and integrate into the community.

Serving Targets

Children aged 2-6 (N1-N4) having developmental delay, autism, language delay, behavioral and emotional problems, learning difficulties, hyperactivity disorder as well as their family members.

Service Features

(1) Early Intervention
Make appropriate intervention through professional evaluation and early recognition of special developmental problems of children.
Full range of professional services
        A multi-disciplinary team provides one-stop, comprehensive, diversified assessment and therapies to children and their families.
Pediatric Consultants
Clinical psychologists, educational psychologists
        ~ O
occupational therapists, speech therapists, art therapists
Social workers, childhood education workers
Comprehensive Learning Mode - “SMILE pre-school adaptation class”
    The Centre designs
SMILE pre-school adaptation classes specially for children with developmental delay, attention deficit and autism. The class combines TEACCH structured teaching, speech therapy, occupational therapy and art therapy, providing children with diverse learning environment.

Service Content

1. Professional assessment (early childhood development assessment, early childhood language development assessment, psychological assessment)
Individual & group training
Professional therapies (occupational therapy, speech therapy, play therapy, art therapy)
4. SMILE pre-school adaptation
5. C
hildren and parents counseling services
6. Parental support
and community education (parent consultation, talks, workshops, visits, sharing sessions, family activities, interactive groups)
Parent Resources Corner (books and toys for borrowing)

Opening hour

Monday – Saturday                 9:30 am– 5:30pm (lunch hour 1:00 – 2:00pm)

Sunday and Public Holidays         Closed

*The Centre will be closed if Red or Black rainstorm warning, Typhoon signal No. 3 or above is hosted.

Service Charge

The Centre is operated in self-financing mode. Participants are required to pay for the service fees.

Application and withdrawal of service

1. Parents could apply services according to their actual needs and service terms, or by professional referral (e.g., doctors, psychologists, social workers, counselors, teachers, etc.).
2. Based on
relevant criterion and service quota, staff examines and responses to applications, unsuccessful applications, depending on situation, might be transferred on waiting list or referred to other services.
3. Once the
application has been accepted, all service fees paid are not refundable except change or cancellation of service by the Centre.


Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Tel: 2653-8772

Fax: 2650-6904

Address: 4/F, Tai Wo Neighborhood Community Centre, Tai Wo Estate, N.T.



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