Amway “Show Our Talent” Supporting Project


Amway “Show Our Talent” Supporting Project for Specific Learning Difficulties is co-organized by The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong and Amway Hong Kong Limited to provide supporting services for dyslexic children. The aim of the project is to establish a community-based, one-stop approach and multi-system intervention to assist the dyslexic children and their parents in the development process through multi-disciplinary collaboration.


Dyslexia is the most common type of specific learning difficulties affecting school children. Dyslexic children typically have difficulties in reading and writing. They usually have poor working memory, relatively slow speed in information processing, and possess various problems in phonological and visual processing and concentration.

According to the Department of Health of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, one in ten school children diagnosed as dyslexia. Under high academic demand in Hong Kong, pupils who do not well in reading and writing are often mistaken as being lazy or having low achievement. Moreover, dyslexia affects not only learning but also relationship between parents and child. Many parents with dyslexic children have reported deteriorated mental health such as increased stress, depressed mood and poor sleep quality.

Serving Target

  • Quota: 60
  • Age 6-12 dyslexic or suspected dyslexic children and their parents
* Preference will be given to those families with CSSA or low-income

Implementation Schedule

April 2012 - March 2013

Project Characteristics

To establish a community-based, one-stop approach and multi-system intervention (individual, family and community) to assist the dyslexic children and their parents in the development process through multi-disciplinary collaboration. Encourage children to develop their potential and strength.
The participation of volunteers Amway Hong Kong Limited, which aims for enabling the awareness of more people from different industries towards dyslexia and ultimately those children and parents would receive social support and subsequently reduce social exclusion in the society.

Programme Content

Multi-sensory Learning Group and Parent Group
  • To provide multi-sensory learning skill in the subject of Chinese and English;
  • To enhance children’s interpersonal skills and stress management skills;
  • To enhance parents’ knowledge and skills in supervision and guidance for their children;
  • To teach parents some home-based training skills for their children.

Art Form Training Group
  • To provide different performing art forms training such as drama, drawing, music, photography, magic, acrobatic feats etc, so as to stimulate children’s motivation to explore and learn;
  • To develop children’s interest and strength;
  • To enhance children’s self-esteem and promote more balance and healthy development of the children.

Occupational Therapy
  • To provide professional assessment and small group training to dyslexic children;
  • To improve dyslexic children’s basic writing or working skills through the training in the areas of muscle coordination, spatial concept, sensory integration and etc.

Family Activity
  • To create a relaxed family time that enjoy by each family member;
  • To facilitate communication between the families and strengthen their positive energy to face the challenges of life.

Positive Thinking Parent-child Support Group
  • To provide a cognitive-behavioral therapy group so as to help the parent-child understand the correlation between their stress and thinking style;
  • To teach parent-child the cognitive, behavioral and emotional-regulation skills in stress and emotional management;
  • To build up a support network among the families.

Integrated Art Parent-child Support Group
  • Use art as a medium to conduct a therapeutic group in order to enhance children’s self-expression and self-esteem;
  • To facilitate parent-child with more mutual understanding and positive relationship building;
  • To build up a support network among the families.

Happy Learning Ambassador
  • To provide various forms of learning activity to dyslexic children and their parents by the volunteers from Amway Hong Kong Limited.

Art Performance and Closing Ceremony
  • To highlight the tri-partite collaboration (NGO, corporate and government) in providing a full continuum of services and arousing public awareness to meet the wide range of needs of dyslexic children and their parents;
  • To conduct art performance by dyslexic children.


The Boys’ and Girls Clubs Association of Hong Kong
Jockey Club Fanling Children and Youth Integrated Services Centre
Ms Merry Ho/ Ms Anny Tsui

Tel: 2673 2392
Fax: 269 8287

Programme Highlight

Kick-off event cum Multi Talent Promotion Day

By having multi-sensory activities, children can learn via games in a relaxing atmosphere

Paired reading by “Happy Learning Ambassador” of Amway with children

Workshop is organized in order to let “Happy Learning Ambassador” know more about multi-sensory teaching materials.

Joint District Learning Day

Learning skill and associative skill can be enhanced via different games.

Children and “Happy Learning Ambassador” to make dumpling in Mid-Autumn Festival activity

Talent Group – learning of ukulele