Growing Partners II- Child Development Fund

Project Background

To alleviate inter-generational poverty and promote tripartite partnership between government, corporations and community, Child Development Fund (CDF) was established since 2008. It aims to support projects which promote the longer-term development of Children from a disadvantaged background. The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA) had successfully launched 3 batches of the Child Development Fund Project since 2010. We are grateful that the Social Welfare Department has awarded BGCA to operate the eighth batch (2020-2023) of CDF Project, “Growing Partners II- Child Development Fund” in Kwun Tong and Shatin district.

With the support of mentors, the three-year CDF Project seeks to encourage children from underprivileged background to plan for their future, develop a savings habit, and accumulate intangible assets such as positive attitudes, personal resilience, social networks, etc., which are all positive attributes for their future development. Training and value-added activities are also provided to participating children, their parents and mentors to help cultivate a supportive environment for the children's personal development. 

2nd batch (2010-2013)
4th batch (2014-2016)
6th batch (2017-2020)
8th batch (2020-2023)

Project Objectives

1. To discover and develop participating children’s competence and ability
2. To build up participating children’s social and supporting network
3. To increase participating children’s life exposure
4. To facilitate participating children to formulate their own personal development direction

5 key components of the CDF Project

1) Mentorship
In the beginning of a project, every CDF participant will be matched with a volunteer mentor to obtain support throughout the three-year program. The matching of mentors to participating children is made according to gender, personalities, interests, occupation/industry, family background, religion, etc.

As a Life Guide, a mentor is expected to widen the participant's horizons, offer career inspirations, and assist in building up self-esteem and resilience, providing guidance and companionship as part of the personal development experience.

2) Personal Development Plan
A life without goals is like a road trip without a map. The Personal Development Plan component of the CDF projects seeks to enable our children to identify their own long-term vision and motivate them to take steps for pursuing targets that are achievable in the short run. The process of drawing up the plan and putting their goals into actions gives them a chance to consider who they want to be, and what they want to achieve – a unique and important personal development experience.

3) Targeted Savings
Targeted Savings encourages participants to set a monthly savings target of HK$200 over a two-year period. Corporate and/or private donors, together with the Government, contribute to a 1:1:1 matching fund for the savings. Each child can achieve up to a maximum sum of HK$14,400 to implement their Personal Development Plans upon completion of the Targeted Savings Program.

4) Talent Development 
Participants are encouraged to explore and develop their talent and potentials. Participants are able to meet new friends and try out new hobbies throughout the three-year program.

5) Family Enhancement
The project will provide various kinds of support to families by setting up mutual support groups. Parents can link up with others to share their ups and downs and become happier, healthier and even flourishing through the journey

6th batch CDF Project Concluding Publication (only available in Chinese)

Contact us

Kwun Tong District
Project Staff: Miss Chuly Choy & Miss Jane Chung
Phone no.: 2343 3554
Address: No. 1, 3/F, Carpark Block, Ko Cheung Court, Yau Tong, Kowloon

Shatin District
Project Officer: Miss Ruby Chau & Miss Sandy Tam
Phone no.: 2649 5113
Address: Room 129-140, G/F Mei Yeung House, Mei Lam Estate, Shatin, N.T.

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