Hong Kong Junior Chief Executives (JCEs)


 The central concepts of JCEs are “Children Rights” and “Children Participation”. We believe children’s opinions and willingness are the fundamental criteria of a child-friendly city. Children are part of our society and their opinions should be respected and considered. We here provide a platform for JCEs to organize and participate in different community affairs. Not only can they express our views on social issues, but only deeply understand more and serve the need of different groups of people. By encouraging children to participate and voice out, we hope the society awareness and concern on “Children Rights” and “Children Participation” can be raised.

Selection Concepts

Each primary and secondary school can nominate students to be the candidates of Hong Kong Junior Chief Executives (JCEs). All candidates have to finish a candidate handbook which includes completing one community voluntary service, one news commentary,one child-friendly suggestion in community and one letter to Hong Kong Chief Executives. Screened by the preliminary selection committee, candidates with good performance will be recommended to a series of interviews and selection processes held by the judging panel (formed by a number of well-known public figure). Finally, 28 candidates (ranging from primary five to secondary one) will form the JCEs of the new term (two years as term of office). 

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