Education Camp
The Education Camp offers experienced and professional instructors to lead education camps who are responsible to maintain close liaison with teachers in order to design a tailor-made education camp program with schools for the students from each school.

With its beautiful natural environment and adequate facilities, the Camp enables students experience outdoor living through adventure training activities and disciplinary team training; learn and enhance self- independent, social and problem solving skills; and experience living in groups so to develop team spirit.

Residential camp offers 112 camp places. 4 Group hostels offer 20 camp places. 2 Family hostels with 4 flats, each offers 8 camp places. The total number of camp places are 136 including extra beds. Other facilities include Hall, Activity Rooms, Canteen and Snacks Shop.

The Campsite provides a fully equipped Youth Observatory, with numbers of observed astronomical instruments, including a 16-inch catadioptric telescope and high-precision German equatorial mount for learning about astronomy and astronomical observation. The Campsite is close to the East dam of High Island Reservoir where a famous- scenery splendid hexagonal volcanic stone columns is nearby. Instructors bring students to learn more about the geological characteristics through interactive ways.

Other main facilities includes archery range, climbing wall, rope course, high wall, canoeing and rafting, etc. In the past years, the Camp liaised with teachers to design a tailor-made education camp program with schools for the students from each school, which is now generally accepted and sanctioned over schools.

Monday to Sunday could be chosen for the 3 days 2 nights or 5 days 4 nights Education Camp, all secondary and primary schools can apply for EDB’s subsidy.

Booking Procedures:
Make a direct call to the Camp Services Section (2527 9121) for booking the Camp, complete and submit the Outdoor Education Camp application form within one week after to confirm the booking. Camp Services Section will process the application within 7 working days and a deposit at a rate of $20 per head will be collected for confirmation. Schools must confirm the number of participants and settle the payment 6 weeks before the camping period. (If the anticipated number of campers is different from the confirmed number of camp places after the subsidy application approved by EDB: For 100 campers or below, the difference must be 5 or less; for 100 campers or above, the difference must be within 5%, otherwise, an application must be submitted to EDB for approval.)

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