Drama Therapy
Drama Therapy employs drama games, improvisation and role play to facilitate children at the age of 4 or above to explore and express themselves, and to manage their emotions and lives. Our half time Drama Psychotherapist offers individual counseling, group, workshop or activity to children and parents in needs.

Applied Drama Project (ADP) is a project under The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong. The project combines applied drama techniques and social work practice in a variety of forms and aims to promote the integration of humanistic social work practice and the artistry of applied drama to provide a platform for professional development. To achieve this, ADP is dedicated to providing professional service and training in fields such as Playback and Forum Theatre as well as drama therapy to create a balance of methodologies that can be used together. ADP invites trainers from all over the world to bring their experiences to the theatre and social service professions in Hong Kong.