Play Therapy

Play Therapy Service

Service Area: Territory-wide
Service Target: Children and youth aged 4 – 16 with emotional distress and their parents
Service Mode: Help children and youth resolve their emotional conflicts through individual case sessions with our registered play therapists and registered play therapy supervisors. Develop a safe relationship between therapist and client with the use of different play apparatus.

“Playing” is a natural communication channel for human and a tool to express individual emotions, ideas and actions. Children and youth will gain satisfaction and successful experience as well as psychological, physiological and emotional development through playing. The concept of Play Therapy is putting the element of therapy into playing and using games as a channel to help communicating and building trust between therapists and clients.

Our registered play therapists and registered play therapy supervisors are well trained and realize how to choose different play apparatus (example sandbox, puppets, drawings, storytelling etc.) to develop safe relationship with the clients. As playing is an innate human trait children can easily express themselves through various modalities. In 2006, the Association became the first training organization to be certifies by the Association for Play Therapy of United States to hold certified course.