About Us
Green Organization

Vision and Principle

BGCA strives to promote environmental protection. In 2011, we founded a “green centre/ green organization” task force aimed at implementing the sustainable development principles into the business process as well as promoting sustainable lifestyle – “LOHAS”.

In 2011, our service units and departments took part in various projects such as “green centre”, “green activities”, “green summer”, “green Christmas” and “Earth Hour” for bringing the following sustainable development principles into the business process:





To save and better use of resources

To care Global Warming

To support fair trade and local community economy

To promote Low Carbon and healthy living

To encourage Elegant Frugality lifestyle

Green Operation

To strengthen source separation of waste
For effective use of existing resources, we set up a series of green policy through environmental protection principles including reduce, reuse and recycle. Our Headquarter and some service units have carried out the following measures in source separation of waste:
  • Set up “four colour” source separation recycle system
  • Set up toner cartridge/ ink cartridge recycle system
  • Set up chargeable batteries recycle system
  • Set up glass bottles recycle system
“Green Summer” No Soft Drink Day
To promote healthy living and encourage “LOHAS” lifestyle, the Association carried out “No Soft Drink Day” in its service units, the second consecutive year to organize such activity for suspending the supply of soft drink on the event day. Some service units provide users with healthy drinks instead to encourage healthy living.