Procedures for Venue Booking
  1. The Association’s service partners may hire the facilities.

  2. Booking forms are available at the enquiry counter of the Association at the lobby on the ground floor of the building. The hirer may also contact the Administration Department of the Association at 2823 8623 for booking forms.

  3. The hirer should send the booking form in duplicate, together with a copy of the registration certificate of the organization and a certificate issued by Inland Revenue Department to the Administration Department of the Association at most 3 months and at least 4 weeks before the date on which the facilities are to be hired. The Association will acknowledge receipt of the booking and inform the hirer of the charge either by phone, by fax or by email within a week.

  4. Late bookings will also be accepted provided that the subject venue is still available. However, the hirer may fail to get the refund for subsequent cancellation of booking due to insufficient cancellation notice.

  5. The hirer should pay the charge by cheque (either by post or in person) as soon as booking is confirmed. The booking will become valid only if the Association has received the full payment. The Association reserves the right to hire out the unpaid bookings to other hirers who pay up immediately.

  6. Upon receiving the application form and the payment, booking will be confirmed. An official receipt will be issued later. A telephone enquiry on the availability of the facilities will NOT be regarded as a valid booking.

  7. The longest period of booking is 3 months. For an extension of the hiring period within 6 month after the 3 months, the hirer should request for renewal of the hiring agreement. Once accepted, the booking cannot be cancelled. Charge should be paid immediately and will not be refunded.

  8. The hirer may be allowed to change to a bigger room (provided that one is available) on payment of extra charges commensurate with the charge for the new venue. Request for changing to a smaller room will be entertained subject to room availability. The charge variance will not be refunded or compensated.

  9. In the event of bad weather, i.e. when typhoon signal no.8 or black rainstorm warning is hoisted, the facilities will be closed and all bookings will be cancelled. The Association reserves the right to cancel any confirmed bookings on any grounds deemed necessary. In these circumstances, re-arrangement on bookings or refunds will be made without any extra interest or compensation to the hirer.

  10. Hiring-out facilities will remain in normal operation in case Typhoon Signal No.1, No.3, Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning is issued. All facilities will be suspended when Typhoon Signal No.8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted. Offices and hiring-out facilities will resume operation two hours after lowering of the typhoon signals or rainstorm warnings.

  11. The charges and the details of hiring-out facilities are subject to adjustment without prior notice.