1. All campers must observe the regulations. 
  2. All campers must arrive and depart from camp on specific hour.
  3. Dormitories are pre-arranged in accordance with the number of participants, sex, group or family units as stated by the applicant on application. Campers must stay in their assigned dormitories and should not enter the dormitories of their opposite sex. No change of dormitory at will is allowed without approval from the camp Manager. Campers are requested to abide by the regulations and exercise self-respect.
  4. Campers are not allowed to entertain non-campers. Visitors are not allowed to enter the Camp without the approval of the Camp Manager.
  5. Any group that uses the Camp must have a person or leader aged 18 or above, who will accompany the group throughout and be accountable for the supervision and discipline of its members during their stay.
  6. Campers are not allowed to depart from camp area without approval from the camp manager. 
  7. The Camp is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings. Campers are advised not to bring along their valuables.
  8. Campers are requested to take their meals punctually everyday according to the scheduled times, and to follow the instructions of camp staff. 
  9. All lights will be switched off and all indoor facilities will be closed by 11:00 p.m. Campers should keep quiet.
  10. Only time-table and programmes pertaining to the Camp are allowed to be posted in designated areas with the approval of the Camp Manager No banners or propaganda posters are allowed to display without prior approval.
  11. No private connection of electricity sources is allowed. Electrical wires and switches must not be connected or replaced without permission. 
  12. All recreational and sporting equipments in the camp are available to be borrowed. Campers will be held responsible for indemnifying any damage of loss.
  13. Campers must dress properly in the camp. All campers and visitors are expected to conduct themselves properly so as not to cause any disturbance or inconvenience to others, except swim wear for water sports.
  14. Any activities in contravention to the laws of Hong Kong or in breach of public order such as drinking, gambling, fighting and drug taking are strictly forbidden. Offenders will be asked to leave the Camp and will be held responsible for all consequences, and all fees paid will not be refunded.
  15. In order to arrange venues, any activities require water as a means of equipment should notify the camp in advance. No activities with running pipes within the camp are allowed. Nevertheless, any accidents that may occur to the campers will be the responsibility of the group concerned.
  16. In order to protect the beauty of the natural environment, wilful destruction to the vegetation is prohibited.
  17. Cooking in the Camp is prohibited, except specifically approval gained.
  18. Smoking is prohibited in all area.
  19. The staff quarters, storerooms and kitchen are restricted areas to all campers. 
  20. No move of furniture in dormitories is allowed without permission.
  21. The Camp is not responsible for any accidents arose by using designated recreational and sports equipments without guidance from coach.
  22. In the event of an accident or typhoon, the Camp Manager has full authority to make final decision on all matters.
  23. In the event of contravention of the above regulations and other misbehaviour or unlawful activities, the Camp Manager may at any time terminate the camp programmes under which circumstances, all fees paid will not be refundable. 
* The Association reserves the right to add, delete, or alter the above regulations without any prior notice.