Project Touch

        Service Period

             June 2007 till now

             Objective and Values

Because of the social stigma and discrimination, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people often suffer from serious isolation and internal struggle.
We strive to provide an indiscriminating environment, supporting the healthy development of LGBT youths and their families, as well as advocating for an equal society.
With the motto of “Accompanying Gay Youths”, we are determined to support LGBT youths to grow up happily, living harmoniously with their families and reaching their full potentials. 


  • Support Program for LGBT youths 
  • AIDS Prevention 
  • Parent Support Group 
  • Professional Training for Teachers and Social Workers 
  • Equal Opportunity Workshop for Secondary Schools 
  • Education, Research and Advocacy 

   Every year....   

 15  15 media interviews conducted every year, actively promoting an open and inclusive environment. 
 50  50 parents receive our service, getting correct information on sexual orientation issue, understanding their children and learning how to communicate with their children. 
 70  70 LGBT youths received volunteer training to be community organizers and peer counselors. We are helping people to help themselves. 
 300  More than 300 LGBT youths find a welcoming home in our center, meeting new friends and getting support. 
 600  600 Social Workers and teachers have been offered inclusive training sessions. 
 50,000  50,000 members of public are reached out each year, crating an invlusive environment. 

Telephone:2320 4005 (Mr Chau/ Mr. Yiu)
Parent Support Hotline:2321 1103 (Ms Tsui)
Fax:2351 9992
Address:Rm 203, Lung Poon Court Commercial Center, Diamond Hill