With the concerted efforts of the Labour Department, employers and training bodies, the Youth Pre-employment Training Programme and Youth Work Experience and Training Scheme (YPTP & YWETS) provides a comprehensive platform of job search with one-stop and diversified pre-employment and on-the-job training for young people. This programme enables young people to better understand themselves and their work aptitudes while enriching their job skills and experience so as to enhance employability.

Service Target

Young school leavers aged 15 – 24 with educational attainment at Associate Degree or below level


  1. Case Management Services
    • Registered social workers act as the case manager for the trainees
    • Trainees are provided with personalized career guidance, job search assistance, training and post-employment support in the form of 12 months’ case management services
    • Upon expiry of the first 12 months’ case management services, trainees who have secured employment may receive extended case management services for another 12 months
  2. Pre-employment Training
    • Core Course: Job-search and Interpersonal Skills Training
    • Elective Course:
      - Elective Course I: Discipline and Motivation Training - Elective Course II: Computer Application Training - Elective Course III: Job-specific Skills Training
      Remarks: Trainees who have attained an attendance rate of 80% or above in a tailor-made training course are entitled to a training allowance.
  3. Workplace Attachment Training
    • Trainees may undergo a one-month workplace attachment training.
    • An allowance of $2,000 is payable to trainees upon satisfactory completion of the attachment
  4. On-the-job Training
    • On-the-job training of 6 to 12 months with salary
    • During the period of on-the-job training, trainees may enroll in relevant vocational courses and apply for reimbursement of course and examination fees up to $4,000

For contact

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