Youth Employment Support Service


During the 60s and 70s, the manufacturing industry was blooming in Hong Kong. Many craft and small business bosses at that time became entrepreneurs nowadays. During that era, labour intensive industry was very popular and there was no 9-years free education provided. Youths had to work after graduated from secondary schools in order to gain money for living.

Nowadays in 21 century, many youths still have to give up studying and enter to the job market because of various reasons. However, the economic structure is transforming and falling. It is difficult for the youths to find jobs especially for those who are with low competitiveness. Youths are, on the other hand, influenced and distracted by materialism. We hope the youths could follow and continue the working attitude and spirit of our last generation to create a brighter future for themselves.


  1. Self-affirmation
    Believing in youths’ abilities and to build up their self-confidence to facing different challenges in future
  2. Self-enhancement
    Enhancing self-recognition and self-confidence of the youths as well as their social networking skills, working skills and experience
  3. Direction Setting
    Enhancing life experience and self-understanding, and developing awareness on life planning
  4. Team Collaboration
    Learning of communication skills to facilitate good communication and co-operation with others

Service Targets

  • Youths aged 15 – 18 with academic qualification F.4 or below
  • Youths who are dropping out of school or continuous absence
  • School leavers who are planning to enter the job market
  • Youths who are awaiting for employment


  1. Characteristic
    Three kinds of training are provided for participants based on their interests that should be stated at the application and interview. Service Group Training, Apprenticeship Group Training and Leisure Group Training are organized for whom are interested in hairstyling and retail industries, construction and restaurant beverage industries, or fashion design and handcraft.
  2. Schedule
    Training course would be held twice or thrice a week and should be completed within 6 weeks. Pre-employment training, adventure training and skills training courses including beauty, hairstyling, restaurant beverage, car repairing, fashion design etc.
  3. Criteria for Job Placement
    Applicants must have passed for all assessments of the training courses in order for them to be regarded as having completed the training and the qualification for job placement.
  4. Job Referral and Placement
    - Provision of job referral service for the youths who are dropping out of school. - Qualified applicants would be referred by social workers for interview. 7-day job placement would be arranged for those applicant found most suitable. - Multiple opportunities for job referral and placement would be arranged by social workers after assessment. - Applicant will receive working allowance of HK$500 after completion of 7-day job placement. - After completion of job placement and being appointed, 10% salary for the first month would be deducted by the employer and transferred to the Association for operation fee.
  5. Leisure Group Training
    - 5-day job placement would be arranged for those applicants who completed the training. Performance or selling of hand-made craft at trade stall would be regarded as job placement experience. - Allowance would be payable in the form of competition. For the team that would achieve the highest sales record, each member would received HK$400; the next team would receive HK$300 for each member; the team for the lowest sales record would received HK$200 for each member. - If applicants who would like to continue to run their business, we could assist to contact for free trade stall providers or to search for performing opportunity. The applicants have to bear the cost for running the trade stall and 20% of the profit would be chargeable each day to the Association regarded as the administrative charge.
  6. Application
    Applicants would be referred by social workers/ teachers. Please send the bank-in slip of HK$100 to us by post or by fax (fax: 2396 9434).
  7. Application Fee
    - HK$150 (including HK$30 administrative charge) - Interview will not be arranged if applicant fail to provide the application form with a bank-in slip of HK$100 administrative charge - Bank account: HSBC, 015-1-073327 (BGCA, Youth Employment Support Service) - HK$70 application fee will be refundable for unsuccessful application - HK$100 administrative charge will not be refundable for interview absentee - Successful applicants should submit the remaining balance of HK$50 at the first training lesson.

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