Overnight Outreaching Service


Overnight outreaching service team is formed by 6 professional social workers who serve and approach the young night drifters in Kwun Tong and Wong Tai Sin districts in mid-night.


  1. To care the living condition and needs of young night drifters and assist them to solve personal problems
  2. To care about the night activity of young night drifters and assist them to against any negative influences
  3. To help young night drifters reintegrate back into the community
  4. To raise up public awareness on the needs of young night drifters

Service Target

Youth aged 6 – 30 drifted within our service area in mid-night (10pm – 6am)


  1. Direct Approaching

    Patrol car is equipped for our social workers to approach the young night drifters at 10pm to 6am every Friday to build-up relationship and find out their needs.
  2. Emergent Support

    Service hotline is set to handle calls from the young night drifters and provide them with emergent and appropriate support at the above service period.
  3. Immediate Intervention

    For special case, social workers will provide immediate assistance such as counseling service, crisis intervention and emergent referral service etc.
  4. Follow-up Intervention

    According to the needs of the young night drifters, provide them with follow-up arrangements including referral service, short-term cases following arrangement and activity information.
  5. Special Activities

    To arrange special activities, example volunteer services, celebrating activities, friends-making programme, educational activities etc. for the young night drifters according to their interests in daytime or nighttime encouraging participation of healthy activities.

For contact

Room 212, Kwong Tin Shopping Centre, Kwong Tin Estate, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hotline: 6776 3343
Fax: 2347 4450