School Crisis Management Support Scheme


To provide professional crisis support services to school principals, teachers and social workers at primary, secondary and pre-schools


“School Crisis Management Support Scheme” was launched in 2000 and is already in its 12th year. The scheme has provided training and crisis management support for primary and secondary schools, in recently years, even pre-schools, to serve more than twenty-seven thousand service users. Throughout the past 12 years, we have provided training for more than 500 kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, as well as on-site teacher training for higher education institutes. Besides, crisis management training was provided to the counsellors of Macau Education and Youth Affairs Bureau and the leaders of Graduate School of Education of Peking University. The scheme was garnered the Outstanding Project Awards of the Quality Education Fund. In 2010, the Association partnered with the Hong Kong Professional Teacher’s Union to run the “Support Centre for Teachers’ Mental Health” to provide teachers with caring support and counselling services.

New Service (Parent Education Talk)

In the past two years, it is found that effective parenting will not only help improving parent-child relationship but also help releasing pressure for teachers. Parent education talk was introduced in 2011 with the themes on moral education and children emotion management.

Special Service (Crisis intervention and mediation services)

The scheme has provided various schools with crisis intervention and mediation services, such as help setting up crisis management guidelines, handling school bullying cases, sexual assaults by teachers, outbreaks of contagious disease, parent-school conflicts and claims.


The scheme has published 7 books regarding school crisis management. For enquiry on books ordering or our training and services, please contact us by 2823 8607.

Service District and Targets

School principals, teachers and social workers at primary, secondary and pre-schools in the territory

For contact

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