School Support Scheme

In order to meet the challenges of the globalized and knowledge-based society, the education in the 21st century put emphasis on all-rounded development of students. School, as a main nurturing place for society’s future successors, shall endeavor to create a supportive environment for students to develop their potential, so as to meet the overall needs of students and the society.
With the mission “Nurture the Young Create the Future”, we assist schools to establish a comprehensive and caring school guidance system through our series of services.


Resilience is one of human’s innate potential, which is a driving force for adaption, self-correction and recovery when facing difficulties.
  • Conflicts handling and interpersonal skills building
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to develop independence
  • Ability to plan the future and optimistic attitude
  • To help creating a school and family resilience culture with great caring, positive expectations and high involvement

School Services and Training

Since the establishment in September 2003, the "School 

Support Scheme" now entered its eighth year's operation, providing a wide range on-demand Services to the primary and secondary schools or institutions, such as teacher training, camping activities, workshops and various groups.

Service areas include:
  • specifically designed for SEN students' “emotions and social groups” “concentration and attention group" and "sensory-motor training activities”
  • "service learning activities”
  • "parent-child parallel grup”
  • "leadership training activities."
  • "self-training activities”
  • " adaption in articulation”
  • "team training"
  • "the workshop for teachers”
  • whole brain learning and other projects
In addition to the above items, one of the key projects includes the pilot service in 2001- the "Understanding Adoles
cent Project (Primary)” implemented by Education Bureau. The projects also provide developmental training services throughout Hong Kong and Mainland China, such as services for the counseling staff of Education Bureau in Hong Kong, in Guangzhou and other places like Sun Yat-sen University.


To celebrate the project implemented for more than a decade, we published three books related to resilience, including『初小抗逆力發展課程~抗逆小火箭』、『理想‧不你想 – 提昇孩子抗逆力100句』and 《童心童

聲說故事-抗逆力故事彙編》. There are remaining stock for sale, for ordering, please call the query.


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