Counseling Center

Counseling Centre

The counseling centre was set up in 1989 which is designed to provide professional counseling services to children aged 3-18 years and adolescents and their families.


The centre is expected to assist them to solve the difficulties they faced in their living environment and during their growth through professional counseling services, to enhance their self-understanding, self –acceptance, self-confident, to develop their potential and talents, so that to live positive.


  1. A personal or family interview counseling;
  2. Play therapy services (Note 1);
  3. Group counseling services;
  4. Professional assessment services;
  5. Parent support services;
  6. Public education.
Note 1 - Introduction to Play Therapy (Play Therapy)Play therapy is a psychological treatment using game as a medium to children through stories, images, metaphors, imagery, and artistic creation, to express the things that bother them, and express their thoughts and feelings.
Recognized training play therapists design a different play therapy program for each case. The game with therapeutic can strengthen children’s physical and mental development, help children to resolve inner conflicts and confusion, let children to learn new and positive solution to problems. It can also be a treatment of trauma for children so they can grow with self-confident, harmonious, positive and healthy.

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