Comprehensive Student Guidance Service


The Comprehensive Student Guidance Service is advocated by the Education Bureau since September 2002 which is to enhance the provision of student guidance service in primary schools by raising the manning ratio of student guidance personnel and improving the funding modes. Some primary schools receiving Student Guidance Services Grant then cooperate with the association and professional social workers were sent to schools to establish a comprehensive student guidance system with teachers.


With the belief of building a "child-friendly" environment, the scheme helps schools to operate a campus culture with care, establishes school-based counseling policy and provides various types of support services to teachers, parents and students.


The list of primary school with the association’s social work services in the year 2013/14:

  • San Wui Commercial Society School
  • St. Patrick's School
  • Taikoo Primary School
  • Queen Elizabeth School Old Students' Association Primary School
  • Sau Ming Primary School
  • Farm Road Government Primary School
  • HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School
  • Maryknoll Fathers' School (Primary Section)


  • To formulate and implement guidance policy
  • To support teacher in implementing its guidance role
  • To promote home-school co-operation
  • To provide parent education
  • To promote individuals growth education
  • To provide case and group counseling
  • To manage school crisis


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