Children Center & Library


The centre provides an open and convenient venue for children, youngsters and their parents to join different activities which help them to practice themselves, develop their potentials, make friends and contribute to the community. And the library offers library services to community as well as cultivates children and young people's interest in reading.


Children and teenagers aged 6-30.
(Member of Children Centre: children aged 6-14; Member of Integrated Services Centre: Children and teenagers aged 6-30)

Integrated Services Centre

  • Social skills group        
  • Moral education Group         
  • Growth Group
  • Community service        
  • Academic counseling           
  • Interest group 
  • Outdoor activities          
  • Volunteer training                    
  • Parent’s meeting
  • Civic education              
  • Family Life Education           
  • Personal counseling and consultation

Centre Facilities

Seminar Room, Rest corner, Toy corner,
Cooking Room, Recreation Room,
Study Room & Audio-visual equipment.


  • Book Borrowing
  • Reading Award Scheme 
  • Book Fair 
  • Cultural activities

Library Facilities

Full of books, catalogs, magazines, newspapers, periodicals and reference books
which are suitable for children and teenagers to read.
In addition, there is study room for readers to use.