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Executive Director’s Report
2016/17 has been an extraordinary year for BGCA. With concerted effort and support from all staffs, donors, volunteers, Board and Committee members, not only have we successfully hosted the first sizable Scientific Conference with the theme “Invest in our Young for a Brighter Tomorrow”, we have also taken plenty of new initiatives whilst celebrating our 80th anniversary. I take pride in the professionalism and talents of our team,
and the determination and capability of BGCA in bringing significant impact to our next generation and the society by capitalizing the wisdom accumulated over the years. 

Let me introduce a few notable steps taken by BGCA in the past year.

The establishment of the “Child Alliance” - We were fortunate to have representatives from four founding members of BGCA, namely the Judiciary, the Police, the Catholic community and the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui to officiate the kick off of “Child Alliance” at the 80th Anniversary Dinner Symposium, which aim to bring forth a synergy of ideas and to create a conducive growing environment for our children and youth through cross-sectoral collaboration. We are pleased to have more than 37 partners from various professions and sectors, including the government offices responding to our call and we will continue expand the network.

Increasing effort towards evidence-based research and advocacy -Last year, we studied the sleep pattern of over 1400 children/youth service users when conducting the Children Happiness Survey in its second year. Our finding that local children slept 1-2 hours less than the international recommended standards and that those who slept less were found to be less happy has drawn public attention to the sleep deprivation problem among the young generations in Hong Kong. To continue the endeavour in research and advocacy area, a Steering Group had been set up under the Board to explore into evidence-based practice towards Early Intervention.

Innovative service and practice - Joining hands with the D.H. Chen Foundation, BGCA launched the Youth ImpACT Award (YIAA) which signifies the adoption of a contemporary approach to nurture the young to become contributing citizens. YIAA offered series of experiential learning workshops for secondary schools students, through which they were exposed to societal challenge and equipped with design thinking tools for transforming inspirations into concrete service ideas. I am glad that our 1,000 youth participants were inspired and empowered to making an impact to the society and the lives of others.

Physical Fitness in the digital era - We also invested in continually upgrading our core services. I am especially excited that the first ever Parent-Child Sports Day for over 700 children and parents of our After School Care Service (ASCS) from 19 Centres were successfully held, mimicking the traditional sports day that BGCA used to organise annually. Much emphasised by Prof. Nicholas Holt at the Scientific Conference about building resilience through physical exercise, the Sports Day was only the first step to revive sports related activities in our daily services to strengthen the physical and mental well-being of children, in the prevailing sedentary lifestyle induced by the frequent use of digital device.

We recognize that high quality services and sustainability of the Association is backed by clear direction, sound policies, effective systems and processes, and most importantly dedicated and competent staff. Last year, we started reengineering the agency-wide budgeting, service planning and review process, reviewed staff related policy and provided targeted staff training. I would like to welcome again the Head of Human Resources, Ms. Edith Suen and the Head of Administration, Ms. Joyce Au for joining BGCA, whom I trust will contribute greatly to the continuous strengthening of the central administration. I would like to also thank Mr. Sherman Chung and Mr. Kelvin Chung for taking up the role as Acting Supervisor for job enrichment as a new HR initiative for the senior management succession.

To be clear of where we are and where we are heading to, agency-wide performance measurement for effective monitoring and guidance of our work is essential. The process of identifying and gathering data for unique and well-defined Association’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) has been one of the greatest challenges during my year as the Executive Director. Started off since 2014, the first KPI report was compiled last year with the concerted effort made by all co-workers and continuous effort will be made to review and refine the KPIs going forward.

It was remarkable for BGCA to remain vibrant after eight decades despite inevitable flux of personnel and the changing external environment. Having farewell several of my retiring colleagues during the year, 2016 also marked the official year for my retirement after serving BGCA for more than 15 years as top management (and once served in the 1980’s). I wish to take this opportunity to thank the President, Hon President and Hon Chairmen, Advisors, and all Board and Committee members for their trust and support over the past decade and the extended year to come. I am also most grateful for being able to work hand in hand with a big family of colleagues who are always dedicated to BGCA’s mission. As long as we conserve this trust and dedication, I am confident that BGCA shall overcome whatever challenges ahead.

It was said that in the eyes of the children, we can see the future of our society. In the eyes of our staff, I see the future of BGCA, all the way!

Law Suk-kwan, Lilian, JP
Executive Director

last updated on:10-10-2017