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Chairman’s Message

Dr NG Yin-ming Chairman, Executive Committee

Steering Firmly Ahead in Times of Change

With change comes challenges and opportunities, and a year of change it was last year, when leadership succession at The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA) coincided with the change of leadership in the Government of Hong Kong. In times of change, having a clear direction for the way forward is all the more essential to our continued success and development.

In the past three years, BGCA maintained a clear focus on early childhood development, not only developing service for young children, but also transplanting the concept of ‘Early Intervention’ from early childhood development to other areas of service. For example, in their work to strengthen family ties, the Family Life Education units paid special attention to the parenting needs of first-time parents, while the Outreaching Social Work Service units gave special support to young parents facing family, financial and personal stress in their work to prevent juvenile delinquency. The concept of ‘Early Intervention’ has been applicable to a wide range of service because of the links between the different stages of a person’s life. A toddler’s upbringing has a great impact on his/her later development, so it is important for parents in need to receive adequate help, so that they could devote sufficient time and effort to care for their child using the appropriate approaches. Also, the values developed during one’s adolescence could influence one’s attitude towards family planning and pregnancy, to the extent that would impact the developmental environment of a foetus in its mother’s womb. By applying ‘Early Intervention’ to various service, BGCA hopes to provide efficient and innovative service models which could be taken as reference by the government and other NGOs. To adapt to the ever-changing social environment, the Board, Committee members and management of BGCA will convene again at the Board Retreat to review our strategy and discuss timely adjustments at the end of this year, so as to further lead BGCA into the future against a backdrop of change.

Strong Advocates for Protection of Disadvantaged Children

BGCA is especially concerned about the early childhood developments of the disadvantaged. To protect the interests of these children, NGOs will need the cooperation of all quarters of society. Since last year, under the banner of the Child Alliance, BGCA has actively organised luncheons of different themes to encourage exchange among academics, educators, social service practitioners, business representatives and government officials, and reiterated to the public the importance of exercise, reading and sufficient sleep to young children. Moreover, based on our frontline service experiences, we put up recommendations on various sociopolitical issues for the consideration of the government and the public. They include voicing opinion to the government about the establishment of the Commission on Children and publishing a position paper on protecting children against abuse in light of such incidents. Be it in the communities, at schools, on the streets or online, BGCA has always been in the forefront of service to youth and children. Our extensive coverage enables us to offer valuable perspectives to the government and the society at large, appreciate how fast-changing social landscapes can affect our next generation and understand what measures are necessary to ensure their healthy growth and development. Ride on the solid foundation of BGCA’s service, I believe that, with the right methodology, each and every one of our service could possibly serve as valuable empirical research. To that end, we will continue to strengthen our research capabilities with the help of an increasing pool of research partners so that we can make greater contributions in our cause to protect disadvantaged children.

Optimising Governance to Reinforce Trust

BGCA prides itself on the trust it has earned from its years of hard work in the pursuit of its mission. We are also grateful for the precious resources afforded by the government, businesses and members of the public. We understand that in order to provide high-quality and uninterrupted service, it is important to reinforce our whole gamut of skills relating to social work, including human resources and financial management. The Board and the management are also committed to further enhancing two-way communication channels and the management model. Right after taking office, our new Executive Director, Mr Charles CHAN Kin-hung visited our service units to listen to the voices of colleagues. With his extensive experience in administration and service management, he will work alongside all staff to boost the organisation’s ability to achieve the mission of nurturing the youth.

In closing, I would like to thank the former President, the Honourable Mr Justice Patrick CHAN Siu-oi, GBM, for his six years of dedicated service to BGCA and for his willingness to continue to serve as Honorary President. I would also like to thank the former Chairman, Dr Roy CHUNG Chi-ping, GBS, BBS, JP, for stepping up to the plate to take on the office of President, and the Board and Committee members for taking time off from their busy schedules to serve pro bono. I also sincerely thank the former Executive Director, Ms Lilian LAW, JP*, who retired last year, the Management and our colleagues working in the frontline, for honouring their profession and doing their utmost to serve the young.

Even with changes, I believe that we will continue to seize every opportunity to do our part in ‘Nurturing the Youth’. Our unity and enthusiasm for what we do will make sure of that.


Last updated on:22-10-2018