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The second year of my Chairmanship in BGCA has been a tremendously meaningful and rewarding journey amidst the busy yet exciting year of the 80th Anniversary of BGCA.

The 80th Anniversary Scientific Conference and the Dinner Symposium held in October 2016, joined by the Nobel Laureate Prof. James Heckman and officiated by then Chief Secretary Mrs. Carrie Lam, GBM, GBS, reaffirmed the important strategic direction of early childhood intervention and parental support.

Early childhood intervention (ECI) is not a brand new concept. Decades of research indicate that ECI will make a lifelong difference in the lives of many children. As a pediatrician, I am especially concerned about the physical fitness of a child. About one in five children and adolescents are deemed overweight or obese. Such would impact both their immediate and long-term physical and mental health and quality of life of later years.
Research shows that child’s eating behavior, physical activity level, sleeping habits and stress coping capabilities were key intervention areas.Hence, one of the major effort of BGCA is to provide parents and caregivers with support and training, which is pivotal to establishing the child’s healthy lifestyle early on.

Apart from parental support, interdisciplinary collaboration in supporting a child’s holistic development is vital. I am particularly encouraged by the participation of individuals and partners across sectors in our Scientific Conference, and their joining our Child Alliance for continuous collaboration and exchange to care for our young. While BGCA strives
to provide quality service, this collective effort to build a child friendly nurturing environment is nonetheless necessary and urgent. For example, the media plays a critical role in enhancing the community’s awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle; the school provides the environment and classroom activities that encourage children’s exercise; and the products that are promoted in the market shape the consumption behavior of children and families. In initiating such a collaborative platform, we abide by and extend the good spirit of our four groups of predecessors: the Judiciary, the Police, the Catholic community and the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui who jointly founded BGCA 80 years ago to develop and support the underprivileged children.

BGCA also acknowledges the fundamental impact of government policies on children’s development. It is essential that we continue to enhance and adopt evidence-based approach to societal policy and practice, and ensure that our opinions towards public policies related to children are heard. Among many, I am pleased that the community’s awareness of children’s happiness and sleeping quality which have a long-term effect on
children’s well-being, is heightened through our survey findings released in the past two years.

With the increased emphasis placed in corporate governance in the sector, BGCA goes beyond simple adherence to regulations and ethics. We continue to remain far-sighted and enhance our structures and processes, in the past year we formed the Information Technology Committee to guide and provide oversight of our IT development for management and service enhancement, the Human Resources Department and Corporate Governance Department reviewing various HR policies, processes and
procedures etc. Another key building block to enable sound corporate governance that I must underline is the seamless team work among the Board, Committee members, management and frontline staff. Effectiveness is possible only when there is teamwork that builds upon mutual trust, which BGCA will continue to foster and uphold.

On this, I must thank again all our staff for their enthusiasm and the extra time and effort they put into the many outstanding and thoughtful programmes, events and arrangements in the celebration of BGCA’s 80th Anniversary. The launch of Youth ImpACT Award is a large scale award scheme for promoting social innovation among our younger generation. Our staff’s participation in these events also allow them to reflect upon the experience. I firmly believe that the staff, utilising the various opportunities provided by the Association, will continue to equip themselves with diverse
skills that are essential in safeguarding the sustainable development of the Association.

Last but not least, I cannot extend enough appreciation to Ms. Lilian Law for her excellent leadership in the past nine years as Executive Director, and her willingness to delay her retirement for a year so that the Board has more time to find a successor to ensure a smooth transition.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to my buddies, our over 86 dedicated Board and Committee members, who have devoted themselves selflessly in serving the Association, in volunteering extra hours particularly last year in offering professional advice at meetings and supporting the celebration events in various capacities. Among all, my heartiest gratitude goes to Ms. Anna May Chan, MH, JP and Dr. Patrick Ip, Chairperson of the 80th Anniversary Celebration Organising Committee and 80th Anniversary Scientific Conference Organising Sub-Committee respectively in leading a
successful celebration year. 

On behalf of the Board, I also thank our corporate and individual sponsors and our over 16,505 volunteers for their ceaseless support. Together, we experienced and demonstrated teamwork in making the year of 2016 extraordinarily fruitful and inspiring to everyone that has been engaged in the process, including our service users, staffs, members and the wider community locally and overseas.

Looking ahead, with the strong teamwork, I am confident that BGCA will remain steadfast in nurturing a happy, healthy and strong generation, yet agile to respond to any new initiatives under the leadership of the new Chief Executive of the HKSAR Government for the betterment of the young generations.

As BGCA enters into the 9th decade of BGCA service, may I wish us all the power
of “TEAM” work, –which is:


Dr. Ng Yin Ming

Chairman, Executive Committee

last updated on :10-10-2017