The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong

Founded in 1936, The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong

Kong (BGCA) is one of the longest serving local non-government

organisations dedicated to the welfare of children and youth.

Our mission to achieve a balanced and happy environment for the

nurturing and growth of our young - physically, intellectually and

emotionally - has never wavered in our focus of “Nurture the Young,

Create the Future”.

In response to rapid changes of our social milieu in recent years,

BGCA has established new services in the context of early childhood

intervention offered to children at pre-school age, those with special

educational needs and their families requiring enhanced parenting


BGCA currently delivers services in Hong Kong through over 181

service points and reaches over 280,000 people this year, including

over 110,000 members, thus pursuing likewise our coverage of

“BGCA All The Way”.

Our Vision and Mission

To help children and youth attain a well-balanced moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development

To nurture children and youth to become contributing citizens

To strengthen the functioning of families

To raise parental and social awareness of our younger generations welfare, particularly of disadvantaged groups, and to strive for the rights to which they are entitled, through concerted efforts with service recipients and the general public

Our Key Work Foci

  • Child-centred Early Intervention
  • Career and Life Development
  • Digital Literacy and Creativity Enhancement
  • Family Support and Enrichment
  • Mental Health and Social Capital
  • Social Innovation and Participation
  • Sports and Health
Key Figures of the Year 2022-23
History History 87 years
Total employees Total employees 1,158
Service Points Service Points 181 +
People Served People Served 280,484 (Children, Teenagers and Parents)
Activity Activity 22,596
Service Partners Service Partners 800 +
Volunteers Volunteers 6,826
Volunteer hours Volunteer hours 57,029.5
Research and initiative papers Research and initiative papers 8
Scholarship and Awards Scholarship and Awards 103
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