The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
31 OCTOBER, 2023

“Treasure Trove” Supports Children Developing Music Talents to Build Self-confidence

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30 OCTOBER, 2023

“Treasure Trove” Supports ADHD Youth with Education Needs

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04 SEPTEMBER, 2023

“Treasure Trove” Helps Disadvantaged Youth Seize Learning Opportunities

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20 AUGUST, 2023

“Treasure Trove” Helps Underprivileged Children to Build a Wonderful life with Dreams

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14 JULY, 2023

"Treasure Trove" Supports Disadvantaged Dodgeball Player to Pursue Her Talents

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09 JUNE, 2023

Family’s Difficulty to Make Ends Meet “Treasure Trove” Supports Children’s Education Needs

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23 SEPTEMBER, 2022

Turn Negativity into Positive Life

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22 SEPTEMBER, 2021

Helping a Desperate Dropout Kid Get Back to School During the Pandemic

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14 SEPTEMBER, 2021

Enhance digital competence to develop student’s artistic potential

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27 APRIL, 2021

A learning opportunity under the COVID-19 pandemic ‘Little Artist’ paints the colors of life

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11 DECEMBER, 2020

One small desk. Give a little support and blessing to an underprivileged student

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02 DECEMBER, 2020

“If I can see” – a wish from a child who is diagnosed for severe amblyopia

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