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  • Service Introduction

    BGCA currently provides stationing school social work services for 38 secondary schools, 13 primary schools and 44 kindergartens. Through various types of services such as consultations, groups, programmes and counselling, we offer academic, social and emotional support to young people and to foster their mental well-being, with a focus on assisting freshmen (including those K.1, P.1, F.1 and those who transferred from other schools) in adapting to a new school life. Our social workers organise programmes and workshops to help parents understand the pressures students face and ways to support their children. We also provide professional consultation supervision services for primary schools.

    Target Service Users

    Students from secondary schools, elementary schools and kindergartens

    • Help students develop their potentials to the fullest, achieve healthy personal growth, attain adequate and proper school education, establish harmonious human relationships and elicit their concern for the community
    • Help students with their personal, family and interpersonal relationship or schooling problems
    • Enhance students’ mental health and stress resilience
    • Strengthen the linkage among students, families, the school and the community
    • Identify and implement child protection work effectively
    • Casework services
      • Assist students in overcoming their emotional, social, behavioural, familial and academic challenges through interviews and home visits, and refer them to relevant professionals when necessary
    • Groups & programmes
      • Facilitate group members to interact, discuss and share their experiences, in order to help students develop self-understandings and their potentials, and overcome any obstacles they may encounter
    • Educational activities
      • Enhance students’ understanding of themselves, society and life, and cultivate good moral values via different types of activities
    • Consultation services
      • Provide immediate information and advice to students, teachers and parents who actively seek consultation
    • Stationing school social work services (secondary schools)
    • Stationing school social work services (primary schools)
    • Sunshine Campus - Stationing school social work services (kindergartens)
    • Address: 3 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
      Tel: 2527 9121
      Fax: 2865 4332
    • Address: 3/F , 54 Bedford Road, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong
      Tel: 2527 3226
      Fax: 2395 9595
    • Address: G/F, Fook Lam House, Kwong Lam Court, Sha Tin, N.T.
      Tel: 2823 8683
      Fax: 2529 3353
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