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  • Service Introduction

    BGCA operates 4 nursery schools cum kindergartens in Wan Chai, Kowloon Bay, Tseung Kwan O and Wong Tai Sin respectively, providing young children aged 2 to 6 with quality preschool education and parents with various kinds of support services. Adopting the Theory of Multiple Intelligences as our curriculum direction, our kindergartens organise diverse thematic activities to create a fun environment for young children, enabling them to explore their potential and pursue knowledge with positive attitudes. 

    Our nursery schools, on the other hand, offer extended childcare service hours, allowing parents to attend employment/retraining programmes, seek employment or handle other urgent matters. 

    Target Service Users

    Young children aged 2 to 6 (nursery schools in Kowloon Bay, Wong Tai Sin and Tseung Kwan O offer integrated services for disabled children and occasional child care services).

    • Assist children to achieve well-balanced development in terms of their physical and mental health, intellectual, social and emotional abilities, as well as moral values for a solid foundation for future learning
    • Provide dedicated care and counselling for children to grow healthily and happily
    • Cultivate good habits and self-care abilities among children
    • Learning through play in small groups
    • Organise both indoor and outdoor activities, as well as special events
    • Organise regular parents meetings and parent-child activities
    • Facilities: activity rooms, music rooms and outdoor/indoor playgrounds, along with teaching aids, materials and toys that cater for the physical, mental and interests development of young children
    Event Photos
    • Cheerland Nursery School cum Kindergarten (Wanchai)
    • Cheerland Nursery School cum Kindergarten (Kowloon Bay)
    • Cheerland Nursery School cum Kindergarten (Tseung Kwan O)
    • Cheerland Nursery School cum Kindergarten (Wong Tai Sin)
  • Service Introduction

    Subvented by the HKSAR Lotteries Fund amounted to $990 million, BGCA launched the 3-year social work services pilot programme in 2018/19 to timely identify and support preschool children and their families with social welfare needs. Rolled out in 3 phases, the programme provides social work services to more than 700 eligible local preschool organisations, benefiting approximately 150,000 preschoolers and their families. 

    BGCA started its on-site social work services at kindergartens early in 2004. Adhering to the “child-focused” approach, we organise and implement a diverse range of services and activities to provide preschoolers and their families with comprehensive education and support.

    Target Service Users

    BGCA on-site social work services participating kindergartens and nursery schools, their teachers, students, parents/caregivers and families.


    Organise and implement a diverse range of services and activities adherence to the “child-focused” approach.

    • For school children
      • Help school children develop their problem-solving, self-care abilities and resilience
      • Enhance children’s potential and sense of belonging to their schools
      • Coordinate with pre-school rehabilitation service organisations to identify, make referral or support students with special educational needs
    • For parents
      • Assist parents in nurturing the comprehensive, well-balanced development of their children
      • Support parents with special needs by providing parental/family counselling to enhance their parenting skills
    • For teachers
      • Provide teachers with support and training on the needs of school children and appropriate intervention methods
      • Facilitate communications and exchanges among teachers and parents to foster the spirit of collaboration between family and school
    Scope of Service
    • School children support services
      • Provide case-based counselling to school children with emotional, behavioural and social needs, as well as crisis management/referral services as necessary
      • Support students with special educational needs (SEN) by providing group activities and interventions according to their specific needs
      • Organise appropriate nurture groups and activities catering for the developmental needs of school children
    • Parents support services
      • Provide parents with consultation services to answer their doubts regarding parenting and communication with their children
      • Provide counselling services to families with special needs and referral to other community resources as appropriate
      • Co-ordinate with schools to organise parents groups and associations, and promote positive parenting in forms of group gatherings, seminars and interests sharing sessions
    • Teachers support services
      • Provide kindergarten teaching staff with consultation services, co-ordinate and discuss with teachers on organising activities
      • Provide kindergarten teaching staff with professional training or team training, as well as professional counselling-related information and assistance
      • Assist kindergartens in handling suspected child abuse cases, family conflicts and child accidents, and set up crisis response teams as necessary
      • Provide full-ranged support to schools by offering professional advice and connection to a network of community resources
    • Address: Wing A, G/F, Fook Lam House, Kwong Lam Court, Sha Tin, N.T.
      Tel: 2823 8683
  • Service Introduction

    KeySteps@JC, with a funding support of $225 million from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, is a five-year project aiming to build an integrated model involving medical, education and welfare sectors as well as to provide critical support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds to build stronger foundations. This Trust-initiated project is a collaborative effort amongst The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Christian Service and The Boys’& Girls’Clubs Association of Hong Kong.

    Target Service Users

    Our Project will roll out to kindergartens in Tin Shui Wai district and build the capacity of teachers at the pilot schools, and render holistic to the children and their families.

    • Children
      • All-round support for health, emotional, social, intellectual and language development.
    • Family aspect
      • Strengthen parent-child emotional connection, improve the physical and mental health of parents, grandparents and carers, and enhance family functions.
    • School aspect
      • Strengthen the professional development of teachers, improve the teaching environment and enrich the curriculum to establish a quality learning environment.
    • Community aspect
      • Build a child-oriented community support model, create community space, and enhance community cohesion.
    • Information technology
      • Set up the first cross-professional one-stop electronic platform and children's data database, and use empirical research and analysis to contribute to policy planning.
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