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  • Service Introduction

    Amazing Start aims to provide evidence-based and comprehensive service for vulnerable families with children aged under 3. The project will serve 240 families and 180 of which will be referred from hospitals. The service areas are located in Tin Shui Wai and Kwun Tong District where have the lowest income level in Hong Kong. At the same time, the project supports vulnerable families who live in Yuen Long and Tuen Mun Districts. 

    The intervention is divided into two phases which is home visitation phase for individual family and child-centered comprehensive service phase for community. The services scope will range from development appropriate play group to family networking as well as train-the-trainers and policy advocacy.

    Target Service Users

    Children aged under 3 and their parents referred by hospitals or collaborated social welfare units


    We are committed to provide quality and professional early childhood intervention to enhance children’s development and parents’ parental capacity to empower families to nurture their own child. To realize this mission, there are several objectives to act as pillars for the end goal.

    • Enhancing secure parent-child attachment;
    • Providing quality stimulation via age- appropriate practice;
    • Enhancing responsive parenting;
    • Social networking weaving
    • Enhancing parents’ wellness; and
    • To develop localized tool for practitioner to work with family with young aged children
    • Provide evidence-based early childhood Play-based Intervention
      • The project will provide children with quality stimulating environment so as to provide them with enough opportunities for growth and development. Every child can enjoy the same starting point. The project will also use scientific evaluation tools to measure the progress of service intervention.
    • Establishing positive parent-child relationship through responsive parenting
      • Parents learn to establish secure parent-child attachment through the concept of Circle of Security and practicing Responsive Parenting.
    • Healthy Body-Mind-Spirit
      • To build good physical, mental and spiritual health of parents to enhance the positive impact on raising children in the long run
    • Community Gathering Centre- The Amazing Start@BGCA
      • The project establishes The Amazing Start@BGCA in Kwun Tong. The zoning of the The Amazing Start@ BGCA is designed according to the children’s ages & stages. The family will participate in and to weave the social support network.
  • Service Introduction

    BGCA operates 4 districts, in total 5 family life education services units in Tsuen Wan-Kwai Tsing District, Sha Tin District, Kowloon City District, and Wong Tai Sin and Sai Kung District. With a focus on parental education, these services units assist parents in understanding the meaning of parenthood, enhancing their motivation to own their parental responsibilities, learning parenting skills and fostering parent-child relationship. Our services also cover community education that serves both preventive and developmental purposes, through which family functioning and relationship can be strengthened to prevent family crises.

    Target Service Users

    Parents, couples, prospective parents/new parents, prospective married persons and teenagers

    • Promote early childhood development, enhance new parents’ understanding in the necessary changes in their roles for the development and needs of their children
    • Support vulnerable and disadvantaged families by strengthening their problem-solving abilities and family functioning
    • Educate individuals and family members on family life-related knowledge, attitudes and skills, assist them in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities in the family to foster harmonious relationship and better family life
    • Early intervention support services
      • Promote the importance of early childhood development and early intervention, raise public awareness and attention to the role changes and needs of new parents
      • Strengthen the confidence and effectiveness of new parents, and promote pre- and post-natal education support services
      • Connect and collaborate with CCDS units at hospitals to handle referrals and provide assistance to disadvantaged new parents and their infants; deepen parents’ knowledge on children’s development and needs, as well as to promote social capital development to establish a strong network of community support
    • Developmental services support for school-based and centre-based families
      • Promote school-based support services with a focus on “strengthening family functioning”: enhance positive parenting skills and confidence among parents via seminars and workshops to foster good parent-child relationship
      • Promote filial education programme at school: provide family education to senior primary school students, help them understand their roles and responsibilities as children and establish positive communication with their parents
      • Provide developmental services for centre-based families: enhance parenting effectiveness and positive parenting skills through parental educational activities
    • Comprehensive parental education
      • The “Parental Education Academy” promotes comprehensive parental education from new perspectives, encouraging parents to actively learn, reflect and enjoy their roles as parents, and be more committed to grow happily with their children.
      • Launch a series of programmes for new parents, assisting them to adapt to the changes in their roles, and enhance their abilities to cater for the growth and development of their 0 to 8 years old children, meanwhile fostering secure attachment with the infants.
      • Raise public awareness to our family life education services and promote positive family functioning through large-scale promotional campaigns and educational activities.
    • Tsuen Wan-Kwai Tsing District
    • Sha Tin District
    • Kowloon City District
    • Wong Tai Sin & Sai Kung District (Lung Poon Court Branch)
    • Wong Tai Sin & Sai Kung District (Tseung Kwan O Branch)
  • Service Introduction

    The children’s home under the association provides a residential service similar to the family environment for children and young people aged 4-18 who are temporarily unable to live with their families due to different family reasons. The services are provided by professional social workers and clinical psychology. Scientists, counselors and parents of the house are responsible. The team takes care of the daily life of the children, provides education and counseling services, and arranges various social, recreational and mental and physical development activities for the children to help them establish correct values and promote whole-person development. At present, there are 7 children's homes under this association, providing a total of 58 places (including two emergency/short-term places). Last year, it provided services to 65 children in need. For more information, please download our service leaflet.

    Target Service Users

    Children and adolescents aged 4-18 (referred to the Integrated Family Service Center or Child Protection and Family Service Division)

    • Provide accommodation and care services for youth who are not able receive appropriate family care, fostering their holistic development and well-being.
    • Provide home-like accommodation services to the above-mentioned youth, allowing them to grow in a warm, loving, stable and safe environment.
    • Nurture self-care and a sense of responsibility among the youth through a disciplined lifestyle and comprehensive care, and assist them to return to their families as appropriate.
    • Provide youth with a second home, where services are based on “trauma-informed” and “strength-based” approaches:
    • Children and youth admitted to Small Group Homes have often experienced traumatic events. The Homes thus introduce trauma-informed care, creating a safe and trust-worthy environment where the youth’s experiences can be understood, and they are able to establish a sense of control and power. They are subsequently encouraged to reshape their traumatic experiences, re-evaluate their life and take a confident, courageous step into the future.
    • Tsz Wan Shan Small Group Home
    • Tuen Mun Small Group Home
    • Tin Shui Wai Small Group Home
    • Address: G/F, Lok Yan House, Tsz Lok Estate, Tsz Wan Shan, Kowloon
    • Address: G/F, Tower 1, Phase2, Tai Hing Gardens, Tuen Mun, N.T.
    • Address: G/F, Tower 1, Phase2, Tai Hing Gardens, Tuen Mun, N.T.
  • Service Introduction

    The Service provides dedicated one-stop co-parenting services to support families with separated, divorced or divorcing parents (the parents) and their children. Adhering to a set of child-focused principles, we aim to assist the parents in fulfilling their parental responsibilities and support the children amidst parental separation/divorce or significant family changes, in order to strengthen parent-child relationship and promote the children’s healthy growth and development.

    Target Service Users

    Divorced parents and/or their children living in Shatin, Tai Po and North Districts who have faced conflicts and disputes on their children's living care and contact arrangements and failed to reach a consensus; including people of different races, cultures, beliefs and languages.

    Members of the public who are interested in learning about joint parental responsibility.

    • Assist parents to establish and implement plans for childcare and maintaining parent-child relationship, adherence to a set of child-focused principles, in order to strengthen the parents’ abilities to fulfill their co-parental responsibilities
    • Enhance children’s resilience to parental separation/divorce and family changes, and promote their healthy growth and development
    • Allow children to maintain contact with the non-resident parents or other important persons in a safe, conflict-free environment
    • Promote co-parenting responsibilities
    • Provide co-parenting counselling, parenting coordination services (to establish and implement plans for childcare and maintaining parent-child relationship) and group workshops for the parents
    • Provide contact services to non-resident parents or other important persons and children, including supervised contacts and exchanges
    • Provide children with child-focused counselling, support group services and related activities
    • Promote co-parenting responsibilities through educational/promotional campaigns
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