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    Located in Wong Yi Chau, Sai Kung, the dormitory with 112 beds, Bradbury Camp welcomes the public to enjoy its wide range of activities and facilities in the form of day camps, evening camps, overnight camps or outdoor camping. Situated by the tranquil shore, the Camp is also ideal for various water sports, along with other exciting adventure activities. As a perfect stargazing spot, the Camp is equipped with a comprehensive collection of astronomical instruments, including a 16-inch catadioptric telescope. Campers are welcomed to participate in the astronomical activities, where they can learn about the astronomy and observe the starry sky.

    Target Service Users

    The Camp is open for reservation to individuals and groups from different ages and sectors, including secondary and primary schools for outdoor educational camps.

    • Provide an ideal outdoor venue and camping site for youth, organisations and the public
    • Allow campers to enjoy the wild nature, relax and enhance their physical health, as well as learning new knowledge with a wide range of activities and facilities
    • Facilitate the well-balanced development of moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic capacities among children and teenagers
    • Camp activities are guided by camp instructors.
    • A diverse range of activities fosters teamwork and holistic development among students:
      • Adventure events included : rope course, rock-climbing, rope-climbing, high wall, beam and low event activities
      • Water sports: rafting, canoeing, dragon boat, Canadian canoeing and rowing
      • Featured activities: outdoor cooking, water rocket-making, fossil-making and sundial-making
      • Astronomical activities: Night-time astronomical observations and a mobile planetarium
      • Signature themed activities
      • Recreational activities: archery, gateball, mini snooker and various ball games
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