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13 January, 2023

First Localized Measurements of Appropriate Home Environment for Children with Research Testimonials

BGCA is the pioneer to validate “Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment” drawn by Caldwell, & Bradley in Hong Kong through conducting a research survey involved over 250 local households with infants or pre-school children for over a year.   

The research data, which was consolidated and analyzed by Dr. Cynthia Leung, The Mitchell Institute for Victoria University and BGCA Steering Committee on Early Childhood Intervention member, Dr. Anna HUI Na-na, validated 8 localized measurements which also facilitate local social worker to conduct the home visit evaluation works for infant or pre-school child family, coping with parents to co-create an appropriate, safe and child-centred living environment for children holistic development. 

Some respondents of grassroots family with SEN child highlighted their frustration and burdens on raising pre-school children. After participating in BGCA Amazing Start, they gained support and evaluation from our social workers and speech therapist, receiving professional parenting and emotion advice for themselves, and appropriate toys, learning tools, and some child household equipment like kitchen door fence, table and chair for their children.

First Localized Measurements of Appropriate Home Environment for Children with Research Testimonials

“High quality stimulated home living environment and equipment as well as good parent-child interaction are critical to aged 0 to 6 children who are at their prime period for brain and body development,” added Ms. Ma Yeuk Nung, BGCA Acting Assistant Director.

BGCA also advocates local social workers to consolidate the findings in coming testimonial-based educations for parents to improve their ability and capacity, strengthening the function and relationship of a family. Once the children need is being located and fulfilled from both parental and environmental sides, we are gradually walking into a #Child-Friendly City of Hong Kong. 

BGCA Amazing Start

BGCA Amazing Start aims to provide evidence-based and comprehensive service for vulnerable families with children aged under 3. The intervention is divided into two phases which is home visitation phase for individual family and child-centered comprehensive service phase for community. The services scope will range from development appropriate play group to family networking as well as train-the-trainers and policy advocacy.

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