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30 NOVEMBER, 2022

Featured story.A girl who likes drawing lets her artistic talent shine

‘I like drawing, especially drawing animals. See! These are a firefly squid, a snailfish, a pufferfish, a flatfish…’ 11-year-old Milna Tamang pointed at the lively marine creatures on her painting and shared with us her artwork ‘Fish Army’. She likes painting with a riot of colours. Getting her creative juices flowing, she expresses her fantasies and imagination on sketch paper.  

I like expressing myself through drawings and creating artworks. Milna Tamang, Member of BGCA Tai Wai Children & Youth Integrated Services Centre

Unleashing her potential and connecting communities with artworks  

When she was young, Milna could not sit still for lessons or activities without fidgeting. Drawing is an exception – she could sit still in front of her desk and focused on creating artworks. Milna was diagnosed with Special Education Needs when she was in K3. Her mum, Ah Bi, recognised her difficulties in learning, ‘She didn’t know how to write A to Z even though we spent much time teaching her. Also, she wrote reverse characters and couldn’t write on lines.’ Ah Bi then grasped the early intervention’s opportunity and got Milna involved in various training activities, including music therapy at BGCA Tai Wai Children and Youth Integrated Services Centre and Jockey Club SENCO@Community (JC SENCO). It is believed that Milna’s artistic talents can be unleashed through different programmes.  

In JC SENCO, Milna got the opportunity to paint in mass collaborative creations, which were printed on files as useful and good-looking souvenirs. Also, she joined a wall painting activity at the centre, and took part in ‘Tai Wai Marketplace’ in which she connected her artworks with the community by selling her own DIY polymer clay figurines and handicrafts. Her mum agreed that the events were beneficial for MilnaJC SENCO encourages kids to freely create and design anything. Social workers and tutors gave sufficient guidance to the kids when they drew. The products are extraordinary.’ 

Fully support Milna to develop her interest 

Ah Bi was scrolling through her artwork photo album while sharing with us that Milna likes art since she was young. ‘This is her strength.’ Looking at plenty of artworks in the album, Ah Bi was contented and encouraged Milna to share with us her thoughts and ideas behind her creations. In JC SENCO, Milna once designed some stickers, one of which was a colourful flower with a smiley face. She told us with bashfulness that she likes using different colours. Perhaps it’s like her inner thoughts which are full of hopes and can definitely help her to overcome challenges in the future. 

Apart from drawing and doing handicrafts, Milna has joined music lessons and gaming activities when she is free in order to have more joyful pastime. As a BGCA member since 5, she said she is close with our social worker Ms Chow. ‘She is the first one I met here. She is kind. She likes children. It’s amazing to get to know someone like her. Ah Bi witnesses the development of her daughter and thanks social workers for their help and reminders. ‘I learn positive education at the centre – more encouragement and less punishment. Milna is going to be a secondary school student soon. Instead of giving commands to her, I now discuss things with her.’  

Studying in P.6, Milna is getting ready for internal assessments for secondary school places allocation. And Ah Bi is never a worrywart. ‘Stay calm and just do your best’. She supports her daughter’s aesthetic development and hopes she can continue with creating with enthusiasm. Speaking of future aspiration, Milna is excited. She wants to become an animation designer, sharing with others her imagination and creativity.  

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