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11 NOVEMBER, 2021

Featured story.Optimism and confidence nurture a resilient child

From passive to active – new experiences foster personal growth

Suet Ching is this year’s scholarship awardee of The BGCA Caring Award for the Most Outstanding Improvement. Since joining Lok Man Children & Family Integrated Activity Centre, Suet Ching has not only shown significant academic improvements, but also become more confident, active and willing to try new things.

The positive changes in her studies and personalities are, on one hand, the result of increased interactions with other kids in the Centre’s after-school care service. On another hand, it is the fruitful outcome of the hard work from our service team, who designed a range of extra-curricular experiences that foster holistic development to balance both physical and mental well-being.

Suet Ching mentioned that she particularly enjoyed the after-school care sessions on Fridays, because she got to have a taste of many different experiences from the diverse kinds of activities arranged, from visual arts to sports games.

Being more self-confident can indeed help you achieve a lot of things, so try more things that you don’t usually dare to. Suet Ching, Member of Lok Man Children & Family Integrated Activity Centre

Gaining unforgettable growth experiences from community services

To Suet Ching, the more memorable community experiences include visiting the elderly home and participating in the Mid-Autumn lantern festival. Visiting the elderly home fostered interactions among the elderlies and young people. And there was even more for Suet Ching – being the emcee of the visit, she had a chance to boost her courage and impromptu skills. As for the lantern festival, Suet Ching found it fun to write cheers and play games with members from the neighbourhood. 

Suet Ching likes coming to the Centre, and is always willing to share with and show care to others. Whenever there are newcomers, she will become an ambassador to eagerly introduce them the facilities and activities around. Her optimism and passion to help has made her popular among the centre’s tutors and peers at the after school care service.

Back at home, Suet Ching is a role model for her little brother too. She would help teach her brother homework and prepare meals to ease her mother from the pressure of daily chores.

Upholding a positive learning attitude and optimism during the COVID-19

Speaking of challenges, Suet Ching shared how it took her some time to adapt to online learning during the epidemic. Finding it difficult to focus on her studies at home in the beginning, Suet Ching soon chose to attend classes at the Centre, which provided her a quiet environment to learn and focus. Despite having to have classes via a cold iPad, she kept up with a positive learning attitude and actively asked questions during her Zoom tutoring sessions to overcome any academic challenges.

Be grateful always & sending cheers to other children

Suet Ching would like to give her sincere thanks to the social worker, Ms. So who has taken care of her many needs along her journey of growth, such as tutoring her homework and encouraging her to try new things.

At last, Suet Ching would also like to send her cheers to other kids, encouraging them to be more confident and believe in themselves that they can achieve more.

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