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11 NOVEMBER, 2021

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From sailing to farming – Enjoy a different pace of life

Award-winning sailor Natalie gave up the chance to become a full-time athlete for her academic studies, yet soon to find herself stressed out by pressure. Invited by a social worker during an activity at Tai Wai C&Y ISC, Natalie had a taste of farming by chance. To her surprise, she found it a great way to relieve stress and has since developed a strong interest in farming.

I want to keep my bond with the nature in the busy urban life! Natalie, member of Tai Wai Children & Youth Integrated Services Centre

Building a connection with the nature 

Natalie’s first agricultural experience was in Tsiu Keng, Sheung Shui. In the field for the first time, she was impressed by the young people around her, who showed even greater enthusiasm than hers, and taught her many different farming techniques. 

Here, she also experienced a different kind of team spirit. Back in her sailing days, despite being in the same team, her teammates would become her opponents during the actual competitions. Farming is the opposite. Everyone picks up their hoe, sings along to the tunes, or chats along the way, working together like a family for a fruitful harvest. 

Farming under the hot sun is no easy job, but it temporarily keeps Natalie away from the hustle and bustle of life. She also added that whenever she goes farming at Tsiu Keng, she puts away her phone and enjoys the chirping of the birds and the beautiful view there. Hours fly by as she rests on the hammock when she gets tired, or plays with the farmer’s dog. 

Although it doesn’t feel like she accomplishes much every time she goes there, she can feel the pulse of the nature from doing simple works. It is also a great opportunity for her to look into her heart, clear up her mind, and find an outlet for all kinds of pressure from her studies.

“Life is just like sailing and farming – it’s hard but we must go on”

Natalie shared that she found something in common about herself between farming and sailing. Both activities require a great input of time. They are both hard and you must go on towards the sight of the finish line, otherwise all efforts paid before that would be in vain. Life is just the same. Once you have set yourself a goal, work hard towards it and don’t quit. Last of all, being a DSE candidate in the coming year, Natalie sends cheers to her peers on their studies, and encourages them to work hard towards their dreams.


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