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09 NOVEMBER, 2021

Featured story.Bus as a medium to connect the community

Facilitating community development is a joint effort from people with different interests – including bus enthusiasts!

A through-and-through bus fan, a keen advocate for bus conservation, Henry takes active part in various bus-related works such as route-planning and revitalisation of retired buses. Despite some socially unacceptable behaviours from a certain minority, Henry believes most bus fans are just largely attracted to the public transport for its systematic routine. He also thinks that the advancement of society is an outcome of the enthusiasms and affections of different people toward different things. He himself, for instance, devotes his passion and knowledge about bus into bus conservation and public transportation policies – a vivid example of how a special interest helps facilitate community development. 

Connect community with buses to promote personal growth and social inclusion 

The Jockey Club Arts Make SENse Programme impressed Henry with memorable experience and feelings. In one of the activities, Henry was responsible for planning the art exhibition tour route for a retired hot dog bus, to share with the public the creative processes the art team and students with special educational needs (SEN) experienced.  Henry was glad to joined the activity, where he learned to express himself more clearly while communicating with others, as well as gained practical experience in planning a large-scale event. On another hand, he was pleased to see how the event relieved many families from their misunderstanding toward people with SEN.  “The public may think that people with SEN are difficult to understand. Also, some may call bus fans names such as ‘bus frenzies’,” Henry said. “This event, however, not only inspired curiosity toward antique hot dog buses among children and adults, it also showcased the sensory strengths and expertise of SEN people. This enabled the public to see that SEN people can in fact play a complementary role in society, even sharing common interests as others.” 

Apart from participating in the Programme mentioned above, Henry also gained community experience through visiting elderly centres, where he and other bus fans played Roblox – a bus-themed video game – with the elderly. He enjoyed the unforgettable experience, for he and his peers could share their love and care for the elderly, while building self-confidence as they prepared and taught the elderly how to play the game. 

Henry shared the activity experience of with us.
「其實我最關注嘅係喺巴士保育、巴士改路線嘅領域!」 Henry,夜貓Online (網上青年支援隊) 會員

Nite Cat Online expands social circle for youngsters, promoting mutual encouragement during times of adversity

Henry shared with us that he found a group of friends with common interests via Nite Cat. After participating in the Nite Cat activities for two years, Henry saw gradual improvements in his social skills. He also became more cheerful and positive as he expanded his social circle. He further told us, “I wouldn’t dare to say I have made great progress, but the Nite Cat programmes have brought me lots of happy memories, and allowed me to learn gradually how to get along with others.” 

Envisioning the future: Using bus as a medium to create and connect innovative community activities

Lastly, Henry wishes to put his interest to use in community activities. He will continue to advocate bus conservation, and use bus as a medium to connect with people of different ages, ethnicities and social classes. 

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