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Narrowing the Digital Divide for Children in Poverty


Technological advancement has widened the digital divide among the poor. In light of this, Telstra Foundation Hong Kong (Telstra) partners with BGCA to provide technological resources for children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, inspiring them to self-educate, and cultivating their skills and qualities of digital citizenship.

Telstra supports underprivileged children and youth by donating new laptops and employing a customer service assistant for continuous technical support. Telstra arranges volunteer visits to disadvantaged families. The participated local and overseas staff learn the needs of those families. Their efforts help strengthen the digital capabilities of such deprived families, assist them to thrive along with technological advancement, in which every child is given the opportunity to explore and develop their potential.

Our Service Mission

While we all start from a different point in life, the background we come from, wealthy or poor, should not prevent any child from having an equal opportunity to develop and grow.

Adhering to the “Asset Building” model, BGCA has been committed to optimising and strengthening the internal and external assets of children from poor families. Internal assets refer to the development of children’s physical and mental capabilities in respect to their health, self-esteem, positive emotions as well as learning abilities. External assets, on the other hand, refer primarily to “social capital”, including mutually beneficial social and community networks. In the meantime, by enhancing family functioning and mentor-mentee relationships, BGCA also assists children to develop their abilities and potential in various perspectives, allowing them to focus on themselves as they develop the path to their own future.

Campaign Achievement

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    Effective Period

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    Number of beneficiary children

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    Number of volunteers


It’s great to partner with BGCA who trusts to deliver; shares similar mission, vision and values; and able to develop long-term and sustainable initiatives. Partnering with BGCA is definitely a positive and successful experience for Telstra Foundation Hong Kong. Telstra

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