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3. Core Businesses
Total Income and Expenditure during the year amounted to $427 million and $404 million respectively. About 61 per cent of the income derived from Government subventions, while 72 per cent of the expenditure was spent on personal emoluments for nearly 950 staff engaged by the Association to deliver its services.
BGCA operated 59 services (core services) subvented by the Social Welfare Department, including 20 Children and Youth Integrated Service Centres which also provided school social work services for 24 Secondary Schools, 3 Children Centres, 7 Small Group Homes, 5 Family Life Education Centres, 2 Youth Outreaching Teams, 15 Independent School Social Work Services, 2 Young Night Drifter Teams, and 1 Community Support Services Scheme. It also provided full-time or half-time social work services to 8 primary schools with funding from schools, and 1 camp which was partially subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
In addition, 4 nursery cum kindergartens for a total of 450 young children, 2 self-funded early education and training centres for children with special needs and 79 other projects, were operated with funds raised through public donations, corporate sponsorship and charitable trusts.
As in past years, the finance of these core services depended largely on Government funding, which totalled $260 million in 2014-2015. These services were generally operated under Funding and Service Agreements with the Social Welfare Department, in accordance with the Lump Sum Grant Policy. The finance of the remaining services, which totalled $167 million, were funded through income from fees and charges collected, funds and sponsorship, donation received and interest earned.
The detailed statistics, further information of these services and BGCA’s audited income and expenditure accounts for 2014-2015 could be found in the relevant sections of the annual report; which would also be available on BGCA’s website:
The Association’s objectives in the provision of these services have always stayed true to its founding philosophy: BGCA’s priority remains with every child’s well-being. In setting the agency’s work foci and directing the service development of BGCA’s children’s and service users’ needs have been our top priority.
4. Key Relationships
a. Members
本財政年度的總收入和總支出分別為4.27億元及 4.04億元。總收入中約61%來自政府資助撥款; 而總支出的72%則為本會接近950名職員的薪酬開 支。
本會有59項核心服務由社會福利署資助,當中包 括20所青少年綜合服務中心、於24所中學提供駐 校社工服務、3所兒童中心、7所兒童之家、5所 家庭生活教育單位、2隊地區青少年外展社會工作 隊、15位獨立模式的學校社工、2隊深宵外展隊, 以及1項社區支援服務計劃。另外,本會亦為8所 小學提供全職或半職社工服務,相關費用由學校 資助;以及於西貢設白普理營,其部分經費由康 樂及文化事務署資助。
本會亦設有4所幼兒園暨幼稚園,合共為450位幼 童提供學前教育。本會開設2所自資的早期教育及 訓練中心,為特殊學習需要的兒童及其家庭提供 服務。此外,本會獲得不同企業的贊助、慈善信 託基金及外界捐款以開展79項大小不同的其他服 務計劃。
一如以往,本會核心服務的主要收入來源有賴於 政府資助,2014-2015年度總資助額為2.6億元。 根據「整筆撥款」津助制度,這些服務須遵守由 社會福利署訂定的「津貼及服務協議」運作。而 本會其餘的服務,合共1.67億元的收入來源,則 來自活動收費、基金及贊助、外界捐款及存款利 息。
本年報的相關章節已刊載上述服務的詳細資料 及數據,以及本會2014-2015年度的收入結算表 和支出結算表;有關資料亦可於本會網站http:// 查閱。
本會會堅守服務使命及宗旨,為兒童及青少年謀 求福祉。本會會以他們的需要訂定工作重點及服 務發展方向。
a. 會員
會員指已同意本會章程及繳交由執行委員會訂定 之會員費用的人士。於2014-2015年度,本會註 冊會員的數目為86名。
Members of the Association are persons who register and subscribe to the memorandum of association and pay a fee as determined by the Executive Committee of the Association. In 2014-2015, the Association maintained a membership of 86.
Report of the Executive Committee 執行委員會報告
Annual Report 2014-2015 年報 5

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