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Report of the Executive Committee
The Executive Committee would like to present their report together with audited financial statements of The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (“BGCA”; or the “Association”) for the year ending 31st March 2015. 執行委員會欣然呈交本會2014-2015年度之年度報告及財務報表。
BGCA was founded in 1936 to nurture neglected and uneducated street children, to help them fulfill their potential and become constructive members of the society. Through play, sports, aids and vocational training, BGCA improved these children’s literacy, helped them realise their talents and gave them the skills needed to succeed in life. BGCA’s principal activity is to continue to provide needs-specific and community-based services for the well-being of all children, young people and their families, through the comprehensive service network that it has built in the last 79 years. 本會創立於1936年,當時主要為流連街上的失學貧童服務。為培育他們投入社會及成為良好的公民,本會藉讀書識字、遊戲和運 動、物質支援與技能培訓,發展他們的興趣,賦予他們成長後的生活技能。本會自創立以來,建立良好的服務網絡,79年來一直 因應社會需要提供適切的社區為本服務,為兒童、青少年及家庭謀求福祉。
The financial results of the Association for the year ending 31st March 2015 and its state of affairs at that date are set out in the financial statements on pages 92 to 95.
1. Introduction
This Business Review, which forms part of BGCA’s 2014-2015 Annual Report, is prepared to comply with Section 388 of the new Companies Ordinance, which took effect in March 2014. The purpose is to inform members and readers about BGCA’s current work foci, the details of which are further described and illustrated in the Annual Report; its financial results for the year ending 31st March 2015; its strategies and risks; as well as its future plans and challenges.
2. Vision and Mission
Serving children, youths and their families for the last 79 years, the Association continued to uphold its mission to serve and promote the well- being of our younger generation through providing and developing quality and professional services to nurture a balanced moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic development, training them to become contributing citizens. In recent years, to meet changing society needs, our work foci were expanded and concentrated more on alleviating cross-generational poverty, assisting children with development disorders, fostering good child and teenage mental health, and encouraging social participation.
To achieve this during the year, BGCA leveraged sector-wide initiatives, and continued to enhance its resources development and deployment, refine its internal management and operations, safeguard a good corporate governance, and developed new services to cope with the changing needs of children and families.
此業務回顧屬本會2014-2015年度年報之部分內 容,乃按照於2014年3月生效之新《公司條例》 第388條刊載。目的是讓會員及讀者了解本會當 前的工作重點 (有關內容詳載於本年報內)、2014- 2015年度財務結算、策略與風險、以及面對的挑 戰與前瞻。
秉承過去79年服務兒童、青少年及其家庭的使 命,本會一直為年輕一代提供高質素及專業的服 務,以培養他們德、智、體、群、美各方面的全 人發展及培育他們成為良好的公民。隨著社會環 境變化,本會開拓切合社會需要的服務。近年的 服務重點則集中於舒緩跨代貧窮問題、協助有發 展障礙兒童、培育兒童及青少年的身心健康、以 及鼓勵社會參與。
本會積極抓緊每個機遇,繼續開拓及分配資源、 完善內部管理及營運、確保良好的機構管治,以 及開展創新的服務以配合兒童及家庭不同的需 要。

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