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their interest in music. In terms of youth services, BGCA and different sectors of the community are going to spearhead a five-year Career and Life Adventure Planning (CLAP) Programme. The programme aims to offer young people comprehensive employment support by helping them plan their lives and career with the ultimate goal of finding their unique direction in life.
Good corporate governance is needed as an advanced navigation system to lead the organisation into new fields. The Executive Committee plays an important role as the institution’s helmsman, not only developing governance policies and strategies, but also enabling the organisation to maintain fiscal stability and control service quality, leading BGCA’s staff to provide appropriate support services to users. To know more about our services and performance during the year, please refer to the “Business Review for the year” in the “Report of the Executive Committee”.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the community, including the government, various organisations, the business sector and professional groups for their generous assistance in helping us protect and nurture children’s physical and psychological development. I am also very thankful for our committee members’ contributions and our colleagues’ passion and hard work. Their round-the-clock dedication to their duties in safeguarding the well-being of children and young people is highly commendable. Looking forward, we shall work even more closely together to strive for excellence in manifesting our mission. Together with the help of the community, we will foster a healthy and happy young generation. We will create more memorable moments for our beneficiaries. We will compose yet more sincere and moving stories. Yes, we will!
習機會,培養他們在音樂方面的興趣。而在青 少年服務方面,本會將於年底連同各界推展一 個為期5年的青年生涯計劃項目,為青少年提供 全面的就業支援,並引導他們規劃人生及未來 事業發展方向,選擇適合自己的路向。
良好的機構管治有如先進精良的導航系 統,引領機構邁向新領域。本會執行委員會擔當 著機構舵手的重要角色,制定管治方針及策略, 使機構能保持財政穩健,並能有效控制服務的質 量,帶領同工為服務使用者提供適切的支援服 務。有關本會本年度機構表現的成效及服務重 點,可參閱「執行委員會報告」內的「年度業務 回顧」。
本人在此感激社會各界的幫助,包括各政 府部門、機構、商界及專業團體,協助我們守護 和培育孩子的身心發展。本人亦感謝各委員的貢 獻及同工對工作的熱誠及努力,你們日以繼夜緊 守崗位,並以堅定的信念全心全意為兒童及青少 年謀福祉,實在難能可貴。未來,我們定必上下 一心,精益求精,繼續堅守服務宗旨,與社會各 界攜手為培育健康快樂的新一代而努力,為我們 的服務使用者創造更多珍貴的回憶,編織出一個 個真摯感人的故事。
Chairman's Message 主席的話
Dr. Roy C.P. Chung, BBS, JP Chairman, Executive Committee 執行委員會主席 鍾志平博士 銅紫荊星章 太平紳士
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