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Chairman’s Message 主席的話
Children and young people are the masters of our future. It has always been BGCA’s mission to educate and guide them on a journey of a healthy, happy, and positive upbringing. For 79 years, it has been an
unwavering quest for us to fulfill our founding ethos of “Nurture the Young Create the Future”. We actively engage with the community to offer needy children, young people and their families appropriate, timely, and all- rounded services.
BGCA’s team of volunteers is an important asset for our organisation. They serve as a crucial assistive force in driving many of our services. Last year, I had taken part in a number of BGCA activities, including Team Challenge 36, Volunteer Recognition Ceremony and the Caring Company luncheon. Innumerable amount of philanthropic people from schools, the business sector and the public had offered their generous assistance to BGCA. The RBC Race for the Kids drew support from nearly 200 volunteers, and Team Challenge 36 saw an overwhelming subscription of over 800 volunteers. The selfless devotion of the volunteers and our colleagues’ hard work was clear to all of us, and the business sector’s passion for charitable work also pulsated in their enthusiasm. What deeply moved me though, was attending the sharing session at the Volunteer Recognition Ceremony. Two former service beneficiaries have transformed into exceptional volunteers who have since played active roles in BGCA’s activities for more than 10 years. They have touched the hearts of many children; they are also the eyewitnesses of the power of a positive upbringing.
In eight short years, BGCA’s services in China have penetrated Guangzhou, Foshan and Zhuhai in an ever-expanding scope. I visited the Guangzhou Growth Dynamics Social Work Professional Development & Resource Centre at the end of last year to share with them our service experiences and some tips. I am pleased that BGCA was able to assume the role of an incubator to provide the training and development needed for local social workers to provide services to children and families in their hometown.
Furthermore, besides offering deserving students with the W I Cheung Scholarship and The “BGCA Caring Award for The Most Outstanding Improvement”, I am also pleased to report that a new “Ng Lee Wong Music Scholarship” was established in early 2015 to fund music courses for 19 grass-root students. I am grateful to Dr. Ng Yin-ming for the set up of this scholarship, which has given students a precious opportunity to cultivate
兒童及青少年是社會未來的主人翁,而教 育及引導他們健康快樂地正向成長正是 香港小童群益會多年來的使命。本會創立至今
已79年,我們一直堅守「培育新一代 攜手創 未來」的宗旨,積極與社會各界共同努力,為 有需要的兒童及青少年及其家庭提供適切、合 時、多元化及持續的服務。
義工參與乃本會的重要資產,有助本會推 行不同形式的服務。去年,本人出席了多項會際 大型活動,親身見證了義工無私的奉獻,包括 「RBC童心競賽」、「團隊挑戰36」、「義工嘉 許典禮」及「商界夥伴展關懷午宴」等。其中首 兩項活動分別獲得約200名及800名義工參與, 其他大小活動的義工人數更是不計其數。義工除 了來自學校及社會坊眾外,商界的參與亦尤為重 要。在「商界夥伴展關懷午宴」中有超過百位企 業代表出席,商界朋友對服務社群的滿腔熱誠可 見一斑。而在「義工嘉許典禮」上兩位卓越義工 得主的分享更令本人記憶猶新,他們由服務使用 者變成他人的助力,積極參與本會義工服務逾十 載,滋潤了不少兒童的心靈,見證不少兒童的正 向成長。
在短短8年間,本會的內地服務已遍及廣 州、佛山、珠海等地,而服務亦漸見規模。本人 亦於去年年底探訪了廣州成長動力社會工作專業 發展與資源中心,與他們分享服務經驗和心得。 本會將繼續扮演孵化器的角色,將多年來所累積 的服務經驗與內地機構分享,孕育及培育區內的 社會服務工作者,以達致內地社工本土化的目 標。
此外,除設有「張永賢律師奮進獎學金」 及「群益關愛學童飛躍進步獎勵計劃」外,本 會更於2015年年初成立「吳李旺音樂培育獎學 金」,讓19名基層學童獲得學習樂器的資助。 本人謹此感謝吳彥明醫生為學童提供寶貴的學
Nurturing a healthy and happy Younger generation

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