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About Us
Founded in 1936, The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA) has been established to serve children and youth throughout different eras with its need-specific and community-based services in its comprehensive service network.
In 1930s, there were a lot of neglected and uneducated street children in Hong Kong. At that time, BGCA nurtured these street children and helped them unleash their potential to be a constructive member in the society. Through literacy and skill-set trainings, games and sports as well as material aids for these children, BGCA aimed to improve their knowledge, skills, talents and interests needed to lead a successful life.
As time goes and with the rapid changes of Hong Kong, BGCA has been continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of our society and to offer all-round support to our young generation through a balanced development approach.
In recent years, BGCA also focuses its efforts to look into the cross- generational poverty issue in the society. While deploying additional resources to support children from low-income families, BGCA also advocates government and policy-makers to take a longer-term view in tackling the poverty issues. At the same time, BGCA expands its services to assist children with developmental disorder and/or special educational needs, promote awareness on mental health for children and teenagers and offer one-stop, multi-disciplinary mental health and psychological counselling services to the needy families.
We are honored and happy to celebrate our 80th anniversary in 2016 –
“BGCA All the Way”!
香港小童群益會始創於 1936 年,在過去數十載, 我們一直透過遍佈全港的服務網絡,按照當時的地 區及兒童和青少年的情況,提供切合時代需要的服 務。
在 20 世紀三十年代,香港有很多流連街上缺乏適 當照顧的失學街童。本會幫助這些孩子發掘潛能, 培育他們成為對社會有貢獻的人。我們透過基本的 識 字 班、技 能 培 訓、互 動 遊 戲 和 運 動 項 目,以 及 物 資援助,提升他們的知識和技能、發揮天賦和培養 興趣,讓他們能夠成功踏入社會。
隨著時間的流逝以及香港社會的急速變化,本會亦 不斷變革,以迎接不同的挑戰,並通過全方位的支 援服務,令年輕一代得到均衡發展。
近年來,本會尤其關注社會上的跨代貧窮問題。除 了調動額外的資源支援低收入家庭的兒童,本會 還向政府和政策制定者倡議更多審視長遠解決貧 窮問題的政策和方案。同時,本會又不斷拓展服務, 向有發展障礙及 / 或有特殊學習需要的兒童提供 援助,促進社會對兒童和青少年精神健康的認知, 並向有需要的家庭提供一站式、跨專業的精神健康 和心理輔導服務。
踏入 2016 年,本會已在香港服務 80 年,我們感到 既 榮 幸 又 高 興 — 香 港 小 童 群 益 會「 群 策、群 力、群 益」!
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