Page 4 - 2015-2016AnnualReport
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Ou0r Heritage, Diversity and People make us different
我們的傳承、多樣化和人才 令我們不一樣
BGCA has been serving children, youth and their families in Hong Kong over the last 80 years. Continuously, we do our heart good to help our young generation grow stronger and better.
過去 80 年,香港小童群益會一直服務本地的兒童、青少年及 其家庭。我們樂此不疲繼續為年青一代付出,讓他們茁壯自 強地成長。
Our service network connects children and youth of different backgrounds and in different districts across the territory.
我們的服務網路將香港各區來自不同背 景的兒童和青少年連繫起來。
We are open and transparent, agile and innovative to meet the evolving needs in our community.
我們公開而透明,敏捷而創新;不斷滿 足社區多變的需求。

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