Mission Well - Junior Financial Secretary
Youth become more materialistic nowadays. If they do not have the concept and formal training on financial management,financialproblemwilleasily occur. These years, the Association is eager to develop financial literacy. Since 2005, BGCA and The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers introduce “Mission Well” programme aimed at bring up proper financial management concept for children and youth. Through diversified activities such as drama, talks, seminars and workshops, the programme not only promotes financial management concept for children and youth but also provide them with the idea of life planning and raise the social awareness on financial education for children and youth.

Learned from past experience, it is more effective to train up children and youth with proper financial concept by providing them the opportunities for education and practice. The programme recruited more than 20 junior secondary school students to form “Junior Financial Secretary” who are trained to promote financial management education activities. As the stakeholders of our society, children and youth are entitled to express their opinions and their views are deserved to be respected. Theprogramme provides children and youth a platform to express their own opinions and to participate in promotion of financial planning. In addition, students are encouraged in social participation and to voice out rationally through various activities.