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助理計劃主任-課餘託管 - 馬鞍山中心 29/04/2018
行政助理 - 南葵涌中心 29/04/2018
計劃助理-課餘託管 - 長沙灣中心 22/04/2018
半職社會工作員 - 青少年綜合服務中心 08/04/2018
活動助理 - 長亨中心 08/04/2018
半職活動助理 - 大圍中心 08/04/2018
半職職工 - 南葵涌中心 08/04/2018
Part Time Accounting Assistant - Accounts Department 29/04/2018
行政助理 - 粉嶺中心 15/04/2018
兼職熱線服務員 - 上網學習支援計劃 20/04/2018
職工 - 大圍中心 15/04/2018
駐校社會工作員 - 中學SEN 服務計劃 15/04/2018
福利工作員 - 延長託管服務 29/04/2018
計劃主任 - 性向無限計劃 15/04/2018
Assistant Project Officer - Career and Life Adventure Planning,CLAP for youth@JC(助理計劃主任 - 「賽馬會鼓掌.創你程計劃」生涯規劃服務隊(九龍東)) 29/04/2018
Officer-Finance - Accounts Department 15/04/2018
兼職外展社會工作員 - 「夜貓子民」東九龍夜青服務 (觀塘區青少年外展社會工作隊) 22/04/2018
福利工作員 – 兒童中心 22/04/2018
Half Time Speech Therapist – HKJC Early Childhood Intervention Program(半職言語治療師 - 賽馬會早期兒童發展計劃) 22/04/2018
Project Officer – Project CIA(Combating Intergeneration Addiction)(計劃主任 – 親職承絡 CIA) 22/04/2018
計劃助理 - 親職承絡 CIA 22/04/2018
教學助理 - 樂緻幼兒園暨幼稚園(九龍灣) 22/04/2018
行政助理 - 秀茂坪中心 27/04/2018
活動助理 - 油塘中心 22/04/2018
廚師 - 白普理營 27/04/2018
半職職工 - 樂緻幼兒園暨幼稚園(九龍灣) 22/04/2018
Officer - Human Resources 27/04/2018
Head of Finance 02/05/2018
幼兒教師 - 樂緻幼兒園暨幼稚園(九龍灣) 29/04/2018
熱線服務員 - 上網學習支援計劃 04/05/2018
計劃助理 - 全方位校園支援計劃 29/04/2018
計劃助理 -「賽馬會鼓掌.創你程計劃」生涯規劃服務隊(九龍東) 29/04/2018
活動助理 - 屯門兒童之家 04/05/2018
半職職工 - 社區創意學習中心 04/05/2018

Personal Information Collection Statement pertaining to Recruitment


The personal data provided in the application forms will be used for recruitment and other employment-related purposes. It may be provided to the third parties authorised to process the information for purposes relating to recruitment by and employment (e.g. qualifications assessment, medical examination, employer reference and integrity checking, etc.) as may be necessary.

Your provision of all the personal data requested in the application form is obligatory. Your application will not be considered if you fail to provide all information as requested or it is not clear from your statements that you have the minimum qualifications, training, experience or other requirements specified for the job, or if you do not signify your consent in the Declaration part of the form.

You are required to notify the recruiting unit/ Human Resources Department if there are any subsequent changes to the information provided after submission of the application form

It is our policy to retain the personal information of unsuccessful interviewee for future reference purpose for 1 year. When similar vacancies arise during the period, we may transfer your application to respective parties for consideration of employment. Thereafter, the personal information together with all materials provided will be disposed of.

Information of unsuccessful applicants, who were not invited for interview, will be destroyed within 1 month after the application deadline.

The Association is a non-governmental organization which provides professional service for children and youth. With effect from December 1, 2011 new appointees are required to complete and pass the Sexual Conviction Record Check.

In accordance with The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, applicants are entitled to ascertain the Association holds personal data on them, to require any inaccuracies in such personal data to be corrected and to ask for a copy of such personal data. For correction of or access to personal data after submission of the application form or enquiries on recruitment matters, please contact the subject officer of the recruiting unit/ Human Resources Department as specified in the recruitment advertisement.

Headquarters Address: 8/F, 3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: 25279121
Email: recruit@bgca.org.hk
  Updated: November 2016